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American Muscle!
Published on Monday, April 16, 2012 by

Socio-economic stresses can be relieved by reading for enjoyment. Problems may not be fixed by reading comics, but life can feel better. Amid the “life could be worse” pleasure reading has been stacks of zombie comics in the past few years. The world needs more post-apocalyptic-NON-zombie stories. In June one is coming.

Creator Owned #1!

Creator Owned Heroes #1: The first 40 page issue of Creator Owned Heroes includes two stories. Steve Niles teams with Kevin Mellon on American Muscle. Part one is set in Post-Apocalypse America following a gang of rebels as the explore the wasteland left behind in the wake of the end of the world.  Jimmy Palmiotti teams with Justin Gray and Phil Noto on Triggergirl 6 a sci-fi story about a the sixth member in a series of genetically modified assassins bred in a secret lab.  The twist is the latest assassin pays special attention to her target which leads her to uncover a conspiracy that has the potential to affect all of the human race.  Kevin and Jimmy will also be guests at HeroesCon!



3 Responses
    • Looks interesting. Real solid names attached to the project, to boot. And yeah, I’m pretty sick of zombies at this point… somebody should do a “zombies as a metaphor for lazy writers” satire. 

      • I think some of the zombie parody books are “zaamflw” but they don’t always work.

        This has some big names attached to it and should be them flexing their muscle!

        • No more zombies!!!   But this sounds interesting.  I like Steve Niles to a point.  I think he’s an excellent world-builder (much like Rob Liefeld) but his actual work isn’t that strong (again, like Rob Liefeld).

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