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Reasonably Priced Comics #5
Published on Monday, April 16, 2012 by

I’m a fan of Reasonably Priced Comics anthologies as well as the miniseries Jack Hammer. So, it will come as no surprise to long time readers when I review issue #5 positively. I have enjoyed each of the anthologies in this series thus far overall even if a few of the individual stories have not been to my taste. Now that Reasonably Priced Comics #5 is available from on-line retailers, I want to take an additional moment and mention what I’d like to see Brandon Barrows and company do next. After indulging my hubris and thoughts I will, of course, lavish compliments and thoughts on the issue at hand.

Before I begin telling you why you should buy a copy of this comic for yourself, and try to make the inevitable Reasonably Priced pun with the company name, I want to mention what I would like to see. This is my opinion, but so is the rest of the review. Having interviewed Brandon Barrows in the past and having read everything this company has published, I have a few thoughts.

Primarily, I’d like to see Barrows court a few higher profile creators to spotlight in upcoming issues. Stan Lee seems to be working with a number of smaller companies at the moment, but that isn’t the higher profile that I mean. I’d like to see writers and artists like Jay Potts, Bridgit Schiede, Rob Anderson, and Brian Williams sought out. These creators may not be household names but they are hard-working, hard-promoting creators that bring a following. Even the modest followings of these creators could boost the recognition of Reasonably Priced Comics. Since Barrows and company are already churning out a dependable product, the next step is to increase the readership. While it may be unrealistic to ask Jay Potts to create an exclusive Pastor adventure from World of Hurt, it may be reasonable to expect he has another idea in mind that needs a place to play. Sure, giving space for Gary Friedrich to create a motorcycle monster tale would be nice and help endear readers, using up-n-coming creators with a little more name recognition would be nice.

I offer that as advice because I want to see a larger readership for this comic series.

This is advice that I think Barrows has already taken to heart given that he’s including creators from the Grim Crew. Issue after issue of this anthology includes work from other small press creators. I’d just like to see him use creators in my area that will be appearing at conventions I’ll be attending. Speaking of the Grim Crew, check out the conventions they’ll be doing on their website. Ionic may be on loan from the video game industry, but he/she/it needs to be doing more comic covers and interiors because the work is consistently top notch. So, while I like giving advice, it is easier to give advice that someone is already taking because it makes me feel like I provided the right advice.

Brandon Barrows is assembling a nice crew of creators. That is a daunting task as an editor of a small press book. He is also a talented writer churning out great product. He doesn’t need advice from me, so read this digression as part advice, part praise, and all hubris on my part.

It would be nice if a wider audience could appreciate this comic.That’s all I’m driving at.

The above suggestion is not  a knock on the current line-up of creators. They have done a wonderful job. Barrows as editor has pulled together a nice pool of new talent. Speaking of new talent, here is the line up of the stories in this anthology:

Voyaga- “A Life of Colors”
Writer: Brandon Barrows
Artist: Ionic
Letters: Brant W. Fowler

“The Perfect Moment”
Writer: Alex De-Gruchy
Artist: Mike Kennedy
Letters: Supergraphics

Laces- “Dead Don’t Talk”
Writer & Letters: Martin Brandt II
Artist: Martinho Abreu

Happenstance- “Rain”
Writer: Brandon Barrows
Artist: Rowel Roque
Letters: E.T. Dollman

Cover Art: Martinho Abreu
Logo/Layout: Brant W. Fowler

Anthology Editor: Brandon Barrows with Flip Katz assisting.

Let’s start by talking about the two returning stories Voyaga and Laces. Voyaga is the Flash Gordon of this comic anthology. It is a fun adventure story that gets plenty of page time. Luckily, the story is always well crafted, creative, and fun. This issue is no exception. It is nice to read another installment of Voyaga. This chapter ends book 1 and leaves me wanting to read more even as I’m satisfied with what I have read. Laces is a story that continues the world created in the very first Reasonably Priced Comic Anthology. Laces, in issue #1, has the distinction of being one of the few RPC stories I just haven’t liked. This installment set better with me as a reader. I’m currently indifferent to it, but I can see an increased level of detail in the story conception and art. While this is not a story I’ll look forward to in future issues, I do want to say that I respect that it is a story that seems to be improving and evolving.

Happenstance “Rain” leaves me re-reading the one pager asking, “What?”  I’m afraid I just don’t get it. It might be me.

“The Prefect Moment” was a fun moment indeed. The oddly under dressed hero spoof is a fun romp.

For my money, this is truly a reasonably priced fun read that is worth the money. Not only should you pick up a copy today,but you should also buy some for friends. These make great mid-May gifts! Show the people you sorta-care about how much you care with a reasonably priced gift.
Check out what is happening with Reasonably Priced Comic on their website. It mentions where on-line to buy copies of this great anthology.

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