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The Secret Service #1
Published on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 by

Mark Millar launches another Millarworld title, this time teaming with Dave Gibbons.

Published by: Marvel Comics/Icon
Written by: Mark Millar w/ Matthew Vaughn
Art by: Dave Gibbons
Colored by: Angus McKie
Cover by: A- Dave Gibbons w/ Angus McKie; B- Leinil Francis Yu w/ Sunny Gho
Editor: Nicole Boose

The opening, which was shown in previews, is kind of neat. Mark Hamil? And he dies in a rescue attempt? It’s off to a quirky start.

And from there it steps back to the projects in London. This part of the book is fairly rough. Millar holds nothing back from what life is like for the people there. The language is rough, the actions of the people is rough. It’s probably a pretty accurate portrayal.

What it does is set up Gary and his Uncle Jack, who we meet and learn has gotten himself out of the projects. Gary gets in trouble and that sets up Uncle Jack to save him again, but this time Jack has a new plan. And that’s where the issue ends. We learn of some strange kidnappings, like the Hamil one in the opening, but other then that, we don’t really learn what the point of this series is. From the last page we can assume the direction.

That direction can be interesting, but it can also be cliche. If the point is to have Gary trained as a spy, and that provides him a way out of the projects, there’s not much new territory that Millar can cover. Gary’s personality, rebellious and angry, has already been established and we’ve seen it enough that we can guess where the script will play out. Gary will get in trouble at the school, do something to make cadets that were against him become his friends, he’ll graduate with honors and sometime during the course of the story he’ll end the kidnapping plot and save the day.

Fairly standard. I’ll be interested in seeing how Millar makes the story different. If he does.

The script is solid. It’s not as heavy on the “British” (slang, terminology) as I would have expected, but there’s enough to firmly set this story in London.

The story is decent enough. I’m interested in seeing if Millar can avoid the cliches and actually produce something new.

Gibbons art is fantastic.

The Secret Service #1 receives
3 out of 5

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