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Who’s Your Favorite Robot?
Published on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 by

Michael Fassbender’s portrayal of David played a robotic robot. What makes him so robotic could be mastery of the acting craft, but he joins a long line of not quite human acting actors.

‘Prometheus’ stills from depict Fassbinder as a mechanical looking humanoid. Fassbender plays an earlier version of an android, Kane, that was depicted in the original Alien movie. Becoming part of the Ridley Scott/James Cameron franchise will garner Fassbender tons of press (including this column).

Fassbender’s David joins a long line of not quite human humans. Brent Spinner’s Data from Star Trek: Next Generation is a noted example. Spinner recently popped up on Big Bang Theory¬† spoofing himself, and in other TV shows playing other characters that were more human than the slow learning android.

My favorite not quite human portrayal is Endhiran (2010). Chitti may not be the household name in American film viewing homes, but he is quite popular in other parts of the world, makes a cameo in another movie and is getting a sequel. The portrayal of Chitti was well delivered. Chitti is my current favorite robot on film. What is yours?

Robots run throughout comics. Vision to Red Tornado are stoic not quite human characters in their respective universes. Brianiac to Ultron these characters run the gambit from good to bad in both universes. Capturing roboticness on film requires more work by the actor. So, who is your favorite actor played robot?


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