The GeeksverseWebcomics Spotlight #1: Lady Sabre

Webcomics Spotlight #1: Lady Sabre
Published on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 by

There are alot of webcomics out there and more coming everyday. So we thought it was time to shine the spotlight on them. The first one we look at is Greg Rucka’s Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether.

Back in July 2011 Greg Rucka teamed with frequent comic book collaborator Rick Burchett and started a webcomic. Lady Sabre is about… well, it’s hard to explain because there’s alot to the series. I’ll let Greg’s own words describe the it:

Swords are cool. People fighting with swords are cool. Airships are cool. Cowboys are cool. Pirates are cool. Clockwork men are cool. Smart, savvy, witty women are very cool. Laconic gunslingers? Totally cool. Steampunk? Frosty.

That’s what Lady Sabre & the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether is, that’s what it’s about. The adventures of the Lady Seneca Sabre and those she meets along the way as she travels the Sphere. Who she fights, who she foils, who she befriends. It’s about adventure and romance and excitement and, to paraphrase the great Zaphod Beeblebrox, “really wild things.”

And most of all, what it’s supposed to be? It’s supposed to be fun.

Sounds interesting? It is.

Lady Sabre updates on Mondays and Thursdays. For the most part it’s posted in standard comic book size, not the 1/2 size that most webcomics use. Each episode also gets Rucka’s script posted with it, which is very nice because can see how a story goes from script to art, seeing how Burchett interprets Rucka’s intentions or changes things to make a better visual impression.

The two have worked together before, mostly for DC Comics, so they have a good working relationship and it shows in the pages. Burchett has created a very nice look for the series, in colors and design. Alot of steampunk takes place in a Victorian-style setting, but Rucka is shaping a world that can cover everything. This is a series where you can expect anything to show up.

Visit Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether today. You won’t be disappointed.

A nice thing about webcomics is that each one usually contains links to many others. Finding out about them is by word of mouth for the most part. For example, I found Lady Sabre off Greg Rucka’s website (one of my favorite authors). From there I found the next webcomic that will be spotlighted, Hunter Black.

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    • Wow. Haven’t been following the world of webcomics in recent years, but man, that looks really good.

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