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TMNT Micro-Series: Leonardo
Published on Thursday, April 19, 2012 by

The oldest brother of the Turtles gets his solo story. Does it end anything like the Mirage one?

Published by: IDW Publishing
Written by: Brian Lynch
Art by: Ross Campbell
Colored by: Jay Fotos
Lettered by: Shawn Lee
Cover Art: A- David Petersen; B- Ross Campbell; C- Peter Laird; D- Matt Slay
Editor: Bobby Curnow

I have the original Micro-Series: Leonardo from Mirage and I remember it very clearly. What I remember is the story was basically Leonardo getting chased and attacked by the Foot and the end of it reintroduced the Shredder into the stories. And from there it carried over into the ongoing.

What I love about the new IDW series is that it takes the classic Turtles and gives them a new spin, a slightly new origin, and that it adds in elements from the cartoon. It feels fresh but at the same time it feels like I’m revisiting my past.

And that’s what this issue did.

It helps that one of the covers is a recreation of the original Laird cover. That brought me back.

The basic plot of this is the same as the Mirage one. Leonardo is being chased/attacked by Foot ninja. But there are elements of the new to it. This issue perfectly illustrates how to do a new series based off an old. The old is quite clearly there, and not just in a homage way, but in important ways. The story is built off the old. But there’s the new right alongside it.

Most remakes/relaunches go for a new angle. Barely keep any of the old. TMNT fully embraces and uses the old.

Lynch’s script is great. He’s got a good handle on each of the turtles. Lynch does good at showing both sides of Leo, that he’s the calm and calculating older brother but he’s got an anger underneath, just waiting to boil over. The fight scenes are well done, showing Leo’s skill but at the same time not making him too good.

Campbell draws some great Turtles. His Turtles are more short and squat then others have drawn them, but it works. I loved the way he drew the Foot, like they were one giant mass, shapes running together and only the eyes visibe.

TMNT Micro-Series: Leonardo receives
4 out of 5

One Response
    • I won’t mind if IDW keeps this a one title series for a while, but I have liked how they have handled the micro series as a short, contained series of one shots. 


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