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Batman Beyond Unlimited #3
Published on Saturday, April 21, 2012 by

What do you receive for you $3.99? A Superman story. A Batman story. A Justice League story –with both Superman and Batman.The three stories have completely different feels from each other. That is a lot to look forward to in this issue of Batman Beyond Unlimited #3.  The Superman Beyond solo story is an aging Kal-El struggling with his alien longevity. It has a touching moment at Lois’ grave where he questions himself. It is very similar to the Superman Beyond one shot comic, yet a different story slightly. In retrospect it is overly repetitive. Hopefully he’ll do something different in upcoming solo adventures. Batman Beyond is still struggling with a Jokerz problem and Mad Stan still. It is a continuation of both the first 2 BBUs and the last series. Justice League Beyond, with the help of Superman, Batman, and Amanda Waller are still struggling with a Kobra problem. This installment is a talking issue where Amanda Waller fills in the missing details.

Overall the art is still strong. The stories are good even if it isn’t as good as previous issues. The third story is a good inclusion.

The Batman Beyond TV show felt like an entire world. The secondary creation was well established.

So far Unlimited is off to a great start with the secondary creation. Metropolis is now using nanotech enhanced super cops. That should prove problematic eventually. I’d like to see the Metropolis cops have their own story line. I’d like Max to have a story installment without Terry in it. In short, I’m hoping the Unlimited Universe is well developed. I want this to be like 2099 Unlimited which helped flesh out the future Marvel world.

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