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Boston Comiccon 2012
Published on Sunday, April 22, 2012 by

Over the weekend I drove down to Boston to check out the show.

This wasn’t the first Boston Comiccon, but it was the first one I had attended. I meant to go last year but was sick, so couldn’t make it down. I planned to arrive around 11:30 or so. There was still a very long line waiting to get in at that point. I don’t know if it opened late or if there was just that many people but it took over 45 minutes to get into the show, and I had already prepurchased a ticket.

Needless to say, that left a sour taste.

I would expect that at a larger con, like NYCC, or at a new con, but not at one like this. I don’t know if there were more people then the convention had planned on or what, but it was not handled well at all. Disorganized is a good way to describe it.

The con did have alot of guests in artist alley. There wasn’t many small press guys represented, which surprised me. But there was a good mix of names there to sign things, from Clay Mann up to Kevin Maguire, Michael Golden and Kevin Eastman. Steve Epting was who I wanted to meet. Been a huge fan since he first started on Avengers. I did manage to get some books signed by Epting as well as Joe Benitez and got an Epting print and a Clay Mann print. Ed Mcguiness had the longest line except for Eastman’s, which had to get a ticket to stand in. Check out the Con’s website to see the guestlist, which was impressive.

There was a very good turnout, a lot of people, a lot of people in costumes. But it was crowded. Much worse then it should have been, some of the aisles were just too close together. It made spending any time at the dealer tables, looking through the boxes, difficult.

The Con had a couple of panels, but nothing that really had to go to. I hope next year ends up having a better selection of panels and they spread it out a bit more, make moving through it a lot easier. Wizardworld Boston had an Ethan Van Sciver panel, where he talked about his past and future work. I was hoping that Boston Comiccon would have had more panels like that. There were certainly enough A-list talent there to generate a couple. Jill Thompson, Ivan Reis, Kevin Eastman, Michael Golden, Kevin Maguire, Steve Epting, Ed McGuinness.

But for the issues, it did accomplish the goal that conventions have, get to meet some of the creators and get some good deals on books.

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