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Fan Expo Vancouver Opening a Smash Success
Published on Sunday, April 22, 2012 by

Vancouver played host to its first ever major comics and pop culture convention Saturday, 21 April 2012, as the Vancouver Convention Center opened its doors to an estimated 12,000 Fan Expo Vancouver attendees. Convention participants, many dressed in meticulously-detailed costumes, were treated over the course of seven hours to artist/celebrity photo-op and signing opportunities, in-depth TV and comics panel discussions, discounted comics and fashion retailers, and the chance to interact with their fellow comics fans and pop culture enthusiasts.

The line-up for on-site ticket sales wound through the Vancouver Convention Center lobby and spilled onto the West Waterfront Road sidewalk, stretching the length of up to two city blocks by around 1 PM. The unexpected surge in attendance—a Fan Expo volunteer made the claim that organizers’ projections were for a one-day total crowd of 3,400—led to some early, albeit mild, confusion among attendees and delayed event start times but for the most part, Hobbystar Marketing‘s west coast Fan Expo premiere proceeded with nary a hitch. Fan Expo Vancouver will run through Sunday, 22 April.

The Comixverse will be posting feature articles on select events in the coming days, so make sure to check our Fan Expo Vancouver coverage section regularly for updates. In the meantime, below are some images from opening day (click on the thumbnails to view in larger size):











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    • Sgt. Slaughter, Dr.McNinja, and other great opening day cosplay. It looks like a fun event. 

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    • It was such a fun day! Im glad to see my Queen Amidala costume is up on here :)

      • Hello Neko… It was a real impressive costume, certainly one of the best I saw that day. And yeah, it was a fun opening, real tiring though… and portions of Artist’s Alley grew a bit too hot and claustrophobic for me as the day wore on and people kept coming in. I’m surprised no one passed out from the heat. 

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    • I think Finn, from Adventure Time, is becoming the new “girl dresses as male character and looks cute”.  Taking it over from Link.  I’ve never seen a male cosplayer as Link, only females, and there was a Finn at Boston Comiccon with the same costume set up.

      • I’ve seen male Links. No one takes their picture but they line up to snap shots of girl Links.

      • I was surprised at how many girls and women wearing Finn costumes were there (I don’t think there were any guys, actually). All I had to do was shout “What time is it?” in any event room and I’d get two or three “Adventure Time!” responses (that’s what those two were shouting in the picture, BTW). I think part of the appeal is that it’s a relatively easy costume to make but is instantly recognizable (a credit to the character design).

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