The GeeksverseFan Expo Vancouver: Select Highlights and Images from Day Two

Fan Expo Vancouver: Select Highlights and Images from Day Two
Published on Monday, April 23, 2012 by

Day Two of Fan Expo Vancouver featured smaller crowds than the ones seen the previous day, although attendee numbers were still significantly larger than that predicted by earlier projections, with one security associate estimating a whole-day total of about 7,000 people.

Comics-themed highlights of the second day of the weekend event were a lively and hilarious Simpsons and Futurama comics panel discussion featuring the Vancouver-based members of the titles’ creative teams (Eisner Award-winning artist Nina Matsumoto, Eisner Award-winning writer and improv comedian Ian Boothby, artist/director John Delaney, and artist James Lloyd) and an uproarious Wolverine-themed sketch duel between Esad Ribic and Kaare Andrews (pinch-hitting for the originally-scheduled Tim Bradstreet) moderated by TdotComics video host Alice Quinn.

The Comixverse will be posting feature articles on select events in the coming days, so make sure to check our Fan Expo Vancouver coverage section regularly for updates. Below are some images from Day Two of Fan Expo Vancouver (click to see in larger view):

Nina Matsumoto, James Lloyd, John Delaney, and Ian Boothby talk about the Simpsons and Futurama comics

Esad Ribic's sketch from the Wolverine-themed sketch duel with Kaare Andrews

Kaare Andrews' sketch in the Wolverine-themed sketch duel with Esad Ribic

The ladies of Anathema Photography

An Expo attendee dressed as Watchmen's Rorschach

The Suicide Girls' Rydell and Tita (first and second from left) with friends

Do any of you readers know who these two are supposed to be? Let us know in the comments section below.

These impressive "Game of Thrones" outfits were handcrafted

A leggy Slimer photobombing Bebop and Rocksteady's portrait

Hammertime: Thor-Girl and Loki playing Tug-of-Mjölnir

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