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Venom #16
Published on Monday, April 23, 2012 by

I’m bothered by what they’re calling the Human Fly but enjoyed this story.I did not jump into the most recent Venom title when it first premiered. I was sucked in by the Ghost Rider x over which left me enjoying Venom more than Ghost Rider. I’ve only been reading this title since Circle of Four. Between this issue and the last I picked up the first hard back collection of Venom #1-5. Having read #5 and then jumping into #16, I easily recognized the characters at work. While the character design of Human Fly seems neat and disgusting, his name bothers me.

The second Human Fly

A Real Hero!

To understand why I’m bothered by the use of the name Human Fly, I have to back up and admit that I believe myself in the minority that remembers a previous Marvel comic title Human Fly.  The 1977 -1979 comic The Human Fly is not exactly a book that made a huge cultural contribution.The title was unique because it was based on a real person, a Canadian stuntman with a gimmick mask. In the comic the Fly was a man of mystery, a masked hero and daredevil, severely injured during a car crash.  As the Human Fly, he performed daredevil stunts to benefit various charities, especially those helping children with disabilities. In every installment are characters with numerous disabilities and villains bent on exploiting them in some manner. Unless you’re a Rick Rojatt fan then you’ve probably never heard of this odd Marvel-Rojatt partnership. Jim Shooter was an editor at the time, and was also bringing US1, Team America, and other odd corporate partnerships to comics.

Seeing Human Fly back in a Marvel Comic excites Rick Rojatt memories for me. Luckily, I realize that this is the second Marvel character with the name. The first was an obscure Spider-Man villain.  It seems that Venom’s Human Fly is an odd take on the Spider-Man villain.  Seeing the character return after 10 issues is nice. His escape promises another return in the future. It seems the Venom rogue’s gallery is being fleshed out a bit more. He’s still dealing heavily with Spidey folk, but hopefully soon he’ll grow his own supporting cast.

I still want more information about where Eddie Brock is and what he’s up to. Oddly, that is not visited in this comic as might be expected.

Overall this is a fun comic even if my inner-Human-Fly-fan is not amused.

And where does Venom go from here? Issue #17!

  • Venom faces a gauntlet of doom as the Crime-Master unites Jack O’Lantern, The Human Fly, Toxin and more to destroy Flash Thompson!
  • The Crime-Master’s plan is so diabolical, so vile, that it forces Eddie Brock to become a symbiote’s host once more – and takes the war to Flash Thompson’s Family, Betty Brant and even Peter Parker!
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