The GeeksverseWarner Bros. Finds a Director for Lobo Movie

Warner Bros. Finds a Director for Lobo Movie
Published on Monday, April 23, 2012 by

Warner Bros. recently made progress with Superman and now it appears they are moving forward with Lobo as a Movie, although these rumors have surfaced before.Lobo is the last Czarnian. Unlike the last Kryptonian, Lobo is not honor bound as an eternal boy scout. Instead, he’s a teenage fantasy of unlimited power without responsibility. A parody of Marvel’s dark characters of the 90s–Punisher, Blade, Wolverine, Cable, etc.–Lobo has provided great spoofs and parodies. Originally in mini series and one shots, he also guests in DC team books and carried his own late 90s series.

Now it looks as if Warner Bros. and DC may have set their sights back on the Main Man’s movie. Deadline has reported that Brad Peyton has been hired to rewrite and direct a live-action Lobo movie with Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman producing. Brad Peyton directed Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, an odd sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth starring The Rock.

After R-rated comic movies such as Watchmen and Punisher: War Zone, the chances of Lobo getting an R-rating are pretty slim. Watchmen took a successful chance at the box office and garnered critical success as well. Punisher: War Zone reinforced why the greater number of comic property movies are sold to the widest audience. Since Punisher:War Zone did poorly at the box office, will a uber-violent nonsensical alien fare any better?He has been kiddied up before for in the animated Superman cartoon.

Until more rumors or news surfaces, look for DC’s main man in the pages of Deathstroke as part of the New 52!

Hopefully Greg Wiesman will pick up youthful versions of Lobo for Young Justice. The two Lobo based characters were fun additions to the Peter David written series.

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