The GeeksverseG.I. Joe Prequel #4 and Snake Eyes # 12

G.I. Joe Prequel #4 and Snake Eyes # 12
Published on Sunday, April 29, 2012 by

To quote V. Ice, “Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go. Go!”The movie prequel and Snake Eyes regular series both hit the comic shop shelves last week. Both notably feature swords and soldiers with full-on ninja action. One is better than the other .

Story by John Barber
Art by Salvador Navarro
Colors by Esther Sanz
Letters by Robbie Robbins

The final battle! STORM SHADOW leads his ninja on an attack that threatens to cripple America’s national security! The only men who can stop him are SNAKE EYES and ROADBLOCK-but can they put aside their differences and learn from each other in time? It’s ninja and commando action in the frantic G.I. JOE manner, leading into the hottest movie of 2012!

The movie prequel wrapped up the four issue miniseries with a big battle and some Roadblock ninja-gunnery. The only clear ideas that came out of this comic is MainFrame is dead and Roadblock can break into full on ninjery when necessary. Great.  In full disclosure, I liked the previous movie-verse prequel comics and the first movie enough to have an open mind going into this prequel series. My lack of interest after reading the miniseries is going against the excitement that I feel watching the trailers. That is not what the prequels should do to the reader.

Story by Chuck Dixon
Art by Beni Lobel
Colors by Zac Atkinson
Letters by Neil Uyetake
COBRA COMMAND AFTERMATH! The most dangerous Joe is presumed K.I.A.-but we know different! SNAKE EYES returns to the HARD MASTER to deliver some shocking news as only the silent JOE can. But someone SNAKE EYES cares deeply about has been harmed and someone else is going to have to pay for that. It’s ninja action in the urban jungle and plenty of new surprises!

Snake Eyes #12 is a direction that I can support. Snake Eyes is thought dead by Joe so he is moving on his own.  I have said since the beginning that Snake Eyes needs to be removed as a cure all from the main title. I was tired of him saving the day when the entire team is supposed to be elite.

Snake Eyes #12 takes the silent soldier back to his roots in NY. He visits and old friend that needs help from another street level threat. It is a fun bit of ninja intervention that ties into earlier stories nicely. It is a good start to telling Snake Eyes story separate from the rest of the Joe team.

One of this weeks ninja comics was better than the other. Both John Barber and Chuck Dixon are great story tellers with good titles on their resumes. Sadly, I don’t think the most recent comic is one that Barber will brag about in several years.

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