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Team 7 “Returns” To The DCU
Published on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 by

Team 7 was a major part of the Wildstorm universe and now it’s looking like they’ve made an impact on the DCU as well.

The original Wildstorm Team 7 consisted of John Lynch, Cole Cash (Grifter), Marc Slayton (Backlash), Michael Cray (Deathblow), Jackson Dane, Philip Chang, Stephen Callahan and Alexander Fairchild. The team was originally a black ops unit run by International Operations. They were exposed to the Gen Factor and received powers. The full history of Wildstorm’s Team 7 is a long and interesting one. Basically all of Wildstorm’s history somehow involved Team 7. Some of the children of Gen 13 and DV8 were the offspring of Team 7 members and Lynch, Cash, Slayton, Cray and Dane all played major roles up until the dissolution of Wildstorm.

Now comes the New 52 at DC and the integration of the Wildstorm universe. We’re only eight months in and we’re already seeing how the Wildstorm universe has altered the traditional DC universe. Caitlin Fairchild, members of Stormwatch/Authority, Grifter, Voodoo, Warblade, Grunge, the Daemonites and Helspont have all showed up in DC titles.

The eighth month of the DCU is now bringing another aspect of Wildstorm into play, and it’s already tied pretty tightly with the DCU. Justice League #8 revealed that Steve Trevor, from Wonder Woman and now the Justice League’s liason, had been a member of Team 7. Hidden in Teen Titans #8 was another Team 7 reference. Apparently Amanda Waller, of Suicide Squad fame, and a new character named Kurt Lancewere members or involved with Team 7 back in the day.

What does it all mean? How does it all connect and are any of the Wildstorm members of Team 7 part of the New 52 Team 7? Also, is it the same Kurt Lance that was married to Dinah Lance, aka the Black Canary? Birds of Prey #8 revealed that Black Canary had in fact killed her husband, Kurt.

The mystery deepens and it’s showing that the integration between the Wildstorm universe and the DCU is pretty tight. Also shows that DC has thought through the past of the new 52 alot more then it first seemed.

Only time will tell what it all means, but it will make for interesting reading trying to figure it all out. We’ve seen two mentions of Team 7. Where and when will others show up? Keep your eyes out and report any findings.

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    • Coincidentally, I’m re-reading the original Deathblow trade paperback (“Sinners & Saints”)—picked it up yesterday at my LCS super-cheap for $5—and got to thinking that Deathblow
      and all the other Team 7 (and Team Zero) characters worked better when they were kept in the corner of the Wildstorm universe that was less “superhero-ey”. The writing on the original Deathblow comics wasn’t too bad (of course, I’m grading it on the “Brandon Choi Curve of Lowered Expectations”) but it got goofier and goofier as it became more and more like a generic “big guns and gritted teeth” mid-1990s Image comic. Art was pretty good, though, especially Tim Salé’s. I have to say though, as good as Jim Lee’s work was in the first few issues, he drew his fair share of panel-to-panel continuity gaffes and poorly staged scenes… guns switching hands in-between panels, asymmetrical body features and background landmarks mysteriously moving from place to place, an over-reliance on close-ups, that kind of thing.

      • I loved the stuff set up with Team 7 and Team Zero.  Wildstorm, when they were actually paying attention to what they were doing, was a great little universe.  It meshed the super hero with the super spy better then anyone else at the time.  I think it went off the handles, so to speak, when the Authority and Alan Moore’s Wildcats.  But there was some great stuff there.

      • I remember enjoying the first few Deathblow comics when it was new on the stands. I don’t remember why I stopped reading it. I was flipping through my bins trying to find some to check out recently, for nostalgia, but realized I must have been bumming that title from friends. I only have vague memories.

        I’m marginally familiar with Team 7 but I haven’t read anything about them recent enough to care that they are being added to the DCU.

        Overall, your point about leaving them in their own super-lite corner makes sense. Great super spy material with those characters. Capes aren’t terribly necessary.

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