The GeeksverseCure for Pain: The Mark Sandman Story

Cure for Pain: The Mark Sandman Story
Published on Friday, May 4, 2012 by

Bueno, Bueno!

As a 90s teenager I read the standard 90s comics: Image, Dark Horse, Marvel, DC, etc. I traded the standard 90s baseball cards: Bonds, Ripken, etc. I did not, however, always listen to the standard 90s music. Spending my time in the high school band program situated me around a lot of music that wasn’t heard in our school beyond the band hall.

One of the bands that I discovered almost too late was Morphine. It was an eclectic three piece band, that in my mind was steered by singer/bassist Mark Sandman. Sandman’s demise stopped the band too soon.

Now, some years later–more than I want to count–a documentary has been made about Sandman. Since Morphine is still cued up on my Pandora playlists, and figures prominently in my CD collection, I am excited that eventually I will be able to see it.

Perhaps it is getting closer. It is now getting to Boston.

Perhaps its not comics, but what is the point o f having a bully pulpit if you can’t promote the cool things fondly remembered from youth?

Morphine remains one of my favorite mellow rock bands. They have a three piece sound that has never truly been duplicated. They have songs that I don’t expect to be covered by anyone else. The thrumming bass and cutting sax was a distinctive combination.

While I still wait for the DVD release of this documentary, I thought I would take a moment and share. If you’re in or around Boston, then check out this film. If not, check out the music by this great band.

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