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Rex Zombie Killer #1
Published on Friday, May 4, 2012 by

I understand that times of social angst produce an affinity for the macabre. It is a chart-able truth by looking at social pressures and the resulting up turn in sales. Mesmerism, voodoo, monster movies, and pulp fiction have been living by this socio-economic publishing principle for years. So, I get the fact that the US has been embroiled in a war on two fronts for a decade, a social stress because terrorism became real, and the economic situation is dire, therefore macabre movies, pulp fiction, and comics should be selling like hot cakes. Ergo zombies. I get it, but I’m ready for the cultural need to move on from zombies and vampires into werewolves, frogmen, aliens, or something new to tickle the collective spines.

I am bored by most zombie comics and generally burned out by the entire genre. That is an important disclaimer. If I were a zombie-hoarding fanatic then this review may sound ho-hum. In fact, I am burned out on most formulaic rehashes of blood and gore, so the fact that I have been putting off Rex Zombie Killer #1 until I could savor it is impressive in itself. The fact that I enjoyed it as much as I anticipated is doubly impressive. So, here are my praises for Rex: Zombie Killer #1, a book that I shouldn’t like but that I can’t help but dig.

I’ve liked it since #0. I sought Rob Anderson out at a convention for an autographed copy and an interview.

Now, the world is being continued, or has been continued. Rob Anderson was kind enough to shoot me an email and a copy a few weeks ago, but I’ve been putting off reading this comic because of work and life. I wanted an unspoiled moment with the dog, gorilla, and the pack of friends.

Rob Anderson, of Panda Dog Press, sent over an advanced look at this comic. I was honored to receive it. After saving it until I could devote time to the review and then savoring it, this review is now hitting after the book has hit the stands. This book hit comic shops on 5/2. If your comic shop did not stock it then feel free to demand that the do so soon!

Rob Anderson, Writer

Dafu Yu, Artist

Kevin Volo, Colorist

E.T. Dollman, Letter and Design

I picked up the #0 issue of this book and loved it. This is a fun smash to the head of the typically zombie story.  Hearing that Anderson and company were putting together a full length with a different company handling the publishing duties, I was concerned that they may try to recycle the zero issue herein. Several companies have pulled that move before, especially when the zero issues were smaller print runs and harder to find. In this case, this comic is a completely new continuation of the Rex, Zombie Killer world. It is a fairly straight forward post-apocolyptic tale mixed with talking animals for that Journey Home feel.

The two story breakdown is interesting.

The art is great. If you’ve ever watched artist try to capture gorilla faces then you’ll appreciate the accomplishment by Dafu Yu. To be so human like, gorillas have distinctly unhuman faces. Dafu Yu’s talking, bat yielding gorilla is a tad more human than you may find on the Animal Planet, but it is a consistent well crafted look.

Recent Planet of the Apes comics may leave comic shop shelve browsers thinking that this animal infested zombie comic is a tad copy-cattish, but in fact it is a catty book in its own right, establishing its own herd of characters and plot. This issue has bikers, gorillas, base ball bats, and animals trying to survive. What more can you ask for in a zombie comic? More gorillas and apes? Then pick up this issue and salivate for issue #2.

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