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FCBD 2012 Quick Thoughts
Published on Saturday, May 5, 2012 by

It’s a special edition of Quick Thoughts looking at the various offerings on FCBD.

Due to a kids Mouse Guard coloring contest my shop was offering I missed out on the Archaia hardcover, but I did pick up alot of other goodies. I’m not going to cover every book, there were just too many.

Valiant 2012
Published by: Valiant
This is a sampler book showcasing what the returned publisher has lined up. The previews are stuff that we’ve seen before, pages from X-O #1 and Harbinger #1. The rest of the book has interviews with the writers of the first four books (X-O, Harbinger, Bloodshot and Archer & Armstrong) as well as a couple of pages of script from Bloodshot. There are a couple of pin-ups and dates for the next books, Eternal Warrior and Rai.

This offering works great for the returned publisher. It shows what they have coming, and includes a timeline so know what months to be on the look-out for them. There’s not much new, beyond the Eternal Warrior and Rai pin-ups, but it’s still a nice little offering.

The Hypernaturals
Published by Boom! Studios

One of Boom’s offerings, the other being Adventure Time from Kaboom!, was a preview of the new series The Hypernaturals from Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with art by Brad Walker and Tom Derenick.

I was thinking of picking up Hypernaturals already but this has me hooked. This is what a FCBD offering should do, get you excited for the release. There’s a real sense of tension and worry to the script. All around great job by the team.

Anti/The Ride
Published by: 12-Gauge comics
This flip book has previews for two new series from 12-Gauge: Anti created by Gale Anne Hurd (producer of The Walking Dead on AMC), written by Peter Calloway, with art by Daniel Hillyard; and The Rider by Nathan Edmondson and Paul Azaceta.

This is another good introduction to a couple of new series. Anti seems interesting and I’m curious to learn more. It sounds like a “hunter of demons” type story but the main character is a new twist, an older female. Calloway’s script is decent and Hillyard’s art is very strong.

The Ride: Southern Gothic is the latest in the series. This one is fairly easy to figure out where it’s going. It’s a good little story but it’s not a good indicator of what the series will be like. In that regards it falls short of doing the job that it’s meant to.

Finding Gossamyr/The Stuff Of Legend
Published by: Th3rd World Studios
I like the idea of the flip book, giving us two stories for the “price” of one (these are free, so there is no price). Finding Gossamyr is interesting. I like the painted/cartoony look and it starts off good. Just enough to get us interested. Not that many character moments but enough to make us curious and it looks really good.

The Stuff Of Legend has some preview pages for the upcoming forth volume. If you’re not reading this book, you should be. It’s amazing. The preview pages serve as a nice recap of what has happened before.

The New 52
Published by: DC Comics
Now this is a great use of a Free Comic Book Day offering. We reported about the Lee gatefold cover and it looks great when lettered.

The story sets up what seems like will be the next DC event, The Trinity War, but we don’t know when that will happen. It’s also a nice look at aspects of the new DCU that haven’t been touched on with the Red Room, Black Room and mentions of The Circus and some other characters. Interesting new origins for The Phantom Stranger and Question.

Bad Medicine #1
Published by: Oni Press

I wonder why other publishers don’t follow Oni’s example and publish the first issue of a new series as the FCBD offering. It works very well. Instead of just a taste, we get a whole issue to decide if we want to pick up the new series. And Bad Medicine is definately interesting. The idea behind the series, as well as the central mystery to the first issue is unique and the ending is an instant hook.

Star Wars/Serenity
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse takes a different tactic with their FCBD offerings, telling stand alone stories of some of their books. The first one has a Star Wars tale and a Serenity tale.

Both are nice little stories and deal with people trying to take the ships from the Captains. Fun stories and well written by Zack Whedon. There’s also a couple of pages from an Alabaster short story that is continued in the next offering.

As a fan these are fun stories, but don’t do much to introduce readers to what Dark Horse has to offer, especially since there’s no Serenity book being published right now.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer/The Guild
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

The second Dark Horse offering is like the first, a couple of stand alone stories spotlighting a couple of Dark Horse’s offerings. The Buffy one was kind of cool, was neat seeing an Alien pop up but without knowing what is going on in the series, it was hard to get into it. What were the bugs? How did the alien get there?

The Guild was meant as a fun little story but I didn’t leave with that impression. Parts of it were just too crazy and well, not fun.

The last part of the Alabaster story was the best thing in this offering.

Atomic Robo
Published by: Red 5 Comics

The Red 5 offering gives a stand alone story that lets us get to know their main book, Atomic Robo. It works very well for that, giving us a classic Robo adventure that highlights everything the series is known for. Good stuff. It also contains pages from a couple of upcoming series, Neozoic and Bonnie Lass.

Neozoic looks very different and unique and I’m very interseted in checking that one out.

Transformers Regenesis One #80.5
Published by: IDW Publishing
Much like they did a couple of years ago, IDW is relaunching the Marvel continuity of one of their licenses. Transformers picks up 21 years after the end of #80. Most of this issue is a series of flashbacks, highlighting the 80 Marvel issues and bringing us up to speed. It’s been 21 years after all.

The rest of the story is a bit odd. There’s not enough space to really get into it and the conflict happens too quickly. We don’t really get to know the world as it is now before it’s set to change again. But it’s nice to see the Marvel continuity back.

5 Responses
    • I grabbed Transformers and can’t wait to read it. I think it is the FCBD book that I am most looking forward to this year. It may suck me back into buying Transformers to see what happens when they continue the old run.

      I skipped the 52 preview. I have yet to care. No reason to start now.

      I did snag the Young Justice/Green Lantern preview. I think  it is material I already have but I haven’t looked very close. I also grabbed the DC Superman Family book. It looks a tad Tiny Titans for my taste, but I have been on a youth comic kick recently so it is worth trying. Maybe I’ll be surprised.

      My brother snagged Mega Man, Bongo, and Yo GabaGaba. I figure I can borrow his and read them, although I don’t need to read Gaba Gaba. He seemed oddly excited.

      I grabbed the Mouse Guard/Dapper Men/Labyrinth hard back sampler. That is a hefty feeling sampler. The hard back makes it feel more expensive than most of the books I grabbed.

      The 12 Gauge sampler went fast today at both stores that we visited. Neither had enough of those on hand.

      I’m glad I could snag Image 20 sampler.

      Lady Death, Graphic Elvis, and Burt Ward would have made my grab list if they were still available while I was there. Burt Ward is the only one I think I’ll buy when the full comic comes out.

      • I missed Image.  My local store was giving the Mouse Guard hardcover away as part of a Mouse Guard coloring contest.  David Petersen was signing at the store later, but I had other plans so couldn’t make it.

        •  RE: Bad Medicine
          Publishing the full first issue to kick off a new series worked well for Astounding Wolf Man and Super Dino. I can see how it would feel risky.

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