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Happy Free Comic Book Day!
Published on Saturday, May 5, 2012 by

This may be the coolest holiday of the year!My wife, daughter, brother, and I  made a full-on family day out of Free Comic Book Day. We hit two local shops. One is our usual weekly comic haunt and the other is a newer store that is a little more kid oriented. It was two completely different FCBD experiences but both were great .

Can you name the mystery artist based on what he's painting? We started by going to the largest FCBD in the Charlotte area. $1 tables out front with artists sketching, Ghost Busters with an Ecto-1, Disney Radio dancing, and a store crammed full of people looking at the walls of comics trying to find free comics and other tempting books. Some people only snag the free. Some people wind up with stacks of books in addition to the free.

The guest list of sketchers was once again fairly impressive. Check out how well represented 12 Gauge Comics was on this list:

CHRIS BRUNNER – Co-creator and artist on Loose Ends, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Covers for Static Shock, Boondock Saints, & NOLA

IAN FLYNN – Writer of Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, and The New Crusaders. Besides being a writer he can also draw a great Knuckles.

SANFORD GREENE – Creator of Rotten Apple, Artist on Deadpool, Wonder Girl, Methodman GN

CULLY HAMNER – Co-creator of Red, Artist on The Question, Detective Comics, Black Lightning, Blue Beetle

JASON LATOUR – Co-creator of Loose Ends, Artist on BPRD: Pickens County Horror, Noche Roja, Scalped, Daredevil: Black & White

JACKIE LEWIS – Artist on Play Ball Giving it out for free!

JAY POTTS – Creator of World of Hurt. This site has interviewed Potts before and will again. Look for a word with Potts during our HeroeCon coverage in June.

BUDD ROOT – Creator of Cavewoman

BRIDGIT SCHEIDE – Creator of Brother Nash. We will be interviewing Scheide soon.  We’ll discuss art, conventions, working in a comic shop, and other cool things. Watch for it, and read Brother Nash while you’re waiting.

BRIAN STELFREEZE-the Ride, I.C.E., etc.

The first shop was fun. We bought some comics and talked to some old friends. My two month old daughter was as impressed as she could be. Next year she’ll be old enough for a costume.


That was a fun FCBD experience. Not to let the day end too soon, we decided to hit a second comic shop on the way home. In part we wanted to see if we could snag some books that the first shop ran out of quick. In part we just wanted to enjoy more of the FCBD holiday.


The second comic shop was a completely different set up.They were holding their entire event inside. They were working the Free Comics a tad differently. Inside were a couple of hero-themed carnival games. Playing the game netted a white ticket. Winning the game earned you more tickets. You could keep hopping in line as many times as possible and earn as many tickets as possible. The white tickets were then redeemable for FCBD books, HeroClix, Coupons, Trading Cards, and other prizes. It was a system that I hadn’t seen before in my FCBD travels but it ensured that people had to spend time in the store to get the books, and it ensured that no one hoarded Burt Ward FCBD comics. I’ve seen hoarders at other events in years past, so planning a day of fun that prevented greedy grabbers was a cool answer. The line was long, but people were socializing. Conveniently, the line to redeem the tickets stretched around the entire shop. Well planned. I impulse bought a few more comics. My wife won a door prize of Magic Cards. When the shop ran low on this year’s FCBD offerings, they dipped into last years left overs as choices. It kept the fun going.

This shop had fewer artists, but I snagged the last sketch variant cover for Marvel’s Scarlet Spider and had Tony Scott draw me an Agent Venom. Tony Scott is part of Rittenhouse Archives. They work in card games primarily. Rich Molinelli  also appeared. It was nice getting to ask questions and learn more about drawing for Marvel Universe card sets–the images start 5×7″ for that set and are then shrunk down into cards.


Arriving late to the second FCBD party we missed the garrison of Storm Troopers. That is probably for the best. Having a garrison of Storm Troopers tell you to get in line and stay in line changes your perspective on the Star Wars trilogy–for me it is still a trilogy. I can see why those pesky Rebels didn’t want to have these white minions tell them what to do.

Crowds of people trying new comics, watching artists work, and celebrating the four color art form is always a good time.

Share your FCBD stories. What did your local comic shop do? What was your favorite part this year?

Tony Scott's rendition of Agent Venom

Have I mentioned Rex, Zombie Killer by Rob Anderson is cool and should be on your buy list?

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    • Want to prove your Geekiness? Can you name the artist painting the picture from only his in progress style?

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