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FCBD A Town Event In Rochester
Published on Sunday, May 6, 2012 by

Today was Free Comic Book Day the nation over but the town of Rochester New Hampshire and Jet Pack Comics take it beyond a store event and make it a town wide event.

Jet Pack Comics is a long and narrow store. When I got there at 10:30 the line was already from the back of the store where the comics were and out the front door, about 50 feet if not more.

At Jet Pack you picked up a map, a bag and your first 3 free comics (6 for a family) from all the offerings, including some prior years. Jet Pack was also offering some deals. Spend $5 and get 3 more free comics. Spend $10 and get 6 more free comics.

Not a bad deal at all.

In total there were twenty businesses in the downtown area particpating. Aside from Jet Pack, you got 1 comic and the store stamped your map so they’d know you hadn’t come back for seconds.

It was cool to see all these people walking the streets carrying “Free Comic Book Day” bags. Kids of all ages, from very young to teens, and adults. It had a nice festival atmosphere and there were vendors along the main streets selling drinks and popcorn.

Something like this must have taken a lot of coordination by Jet Pack. They had to get the books in and distribute them to all the stores and produce the maps.

But it’s a great idea. Rochester has a nice little downtown area and this is a good way to explore it if you had never been (for me, I’d only been to a couple of the bars and Jet Pack, never walking around). Also a great way to see some of the other businesses. There’s a couple of stores I’ll be visiting again.

When I got back to Jet Pack after making the rounds, the line was still all the way from the back to the front. And that was two hours later.

One of the stops, the Knights Of Columbus Hall, was set up like a mini-show. There were tables with people selling comics.

Another stop, an art gallery, wasn’t giving away comics but were encouraging the kids to try their hand at art, having mini-drawing lessons and a contest.

Jet Pack itself was having a Mouse Guard (from Archaia and David Petersen) coloring event. Color a Mouse Guard drawing and get the Archaia FCBD book.

There weren’t as many costumes as I would have hoped. There were some. Seeing Hellboy pushing a stroller was pretty funny. Wish I had thought to bring my camera to take pictures.

All in all it’s a fun way to spend FCBD and Jet Pack should be applauded for organizing such a cool event.

For more information on the Rochester Free Comic Book Day Festival follow the link

The map of downtown Rochester and the FCBD locations

2 Responses
    • I’m a fan of trying to revive downtown areas, which in my area needs to happen. I like the sound of an event that brings in all of the local businesses. Cool. It is interesting to read how different stores handle FCBD. 

    • I missed my LCS’ FCBD event, although I heard it was crazy busy as usual. Sounds like the Rochester shops did a fine job with their FCBD.

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