The GeeksverseAdam West Vol 2 #3-Review

Adam West Vol 2 #3-Review
Published on Monday, May 7, 2012 by

Every time I sit down this series the same theme song plays in my head.

It’s a variation on the Batman theme song from the television show, but with Adam West shoved into the Batman slot. It is catchy.

I mention it because I want to see if you’ll sing it at your computer it is a sound at the core of why I love this comic so much. Having grown up on re-runs of Batman starring West, he is still how I picture Batman. He has a face that just makes me smile. It isn’t his rugged handsomeness that makes me smile, but instead his familiarity. Even as he does cameos in movies and voice over work in cartoons, Adam West just makes me smile.

I’ve been following this Bluewater comic series since the announcements and news articles. I’ve been reading it since the beginning. At this point, seven issues in, I am a long time fan.

I’ve enjoyed the newest issue, vol 2. #3, as much as previous issues.

In part my enjoyment comes from being able to picture West in the situation. I can hear his voice when the dialogue flows into a bubble.  I know it is West even when the profiles and close ups break down and look only vaguely like a generic leading man.Like my complaint about IDW’s one-shot, Machete, the facial recognition needs to be increased.

West is joined this year on the Bluewater’s Comic shelf by Julie Newmar and Burt Ward (July 2012, &FCBD12). Each are presented in these irreverent mock-bio-comics.  So far, Adam West’s series is far from perfect but leaves raised expectations about how Bluewater should be handling this series.

This issue has West running through a notable Harrison Ford character’s movie. Sand, pyramids, and spiders abound in this fun non-realistic comic.

Luis Rivera, Penciler
Jeffery Renaud, Writer
Mauricio Pinzon, Colorist

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