The GeeksverseFanboys vs Zombies #2-Advanced Review

Fanboys vs Zombies #2-Advanced Review
Published on Monday, May 7, 2012 by

Joining Garfield, Space Ducks, Supurbia and Avengefuls on the Boom! shelf this week is the newest issue of Fanboys vs. Zombies.

The first issue left me feeling at  a loss. The chemical mixture that resulted in the Comic Con zombie out break was trite and forced into the exposition. The art was better than the story, which barely introduced the main characters. Somehow I was still curious where the story would go from here since the first issue seemed like an uneven start.

The covers and pinups are fun in Fanboys vs Zombies. Like Zombies vs Cheerleaders or Mars Attacks, this would make a fun set of trading cards.

“I hope no one was a Wolfbiter fan. I think the artist just got his drawing arm bit off.” Sometimes a line of dialogue can sum up all of the good points quick. The second issue of this series is stronger than the first because of how it incorporates the costumed denizens of Comic Con. This comic is far from being a Where’s Waldo of fanboy gore, but that apect is fun. Behind the small band of wannabe survivors is a convention full of spectacle.

Can you find the M. Jackson’s costumed fan in the horde of zombies? The “Thriller” visual is great.

In fact, this comic needs more poking fun at the reader and less dialogue.

Overall, this is what it is. The art is crisper than Walking Bread, but the jokes are on par with Zombies vs Cheerleaders. Until a cosplayer dressed like Cassie Hack shows up, this will be about the same next issue as this. Perhaps more Klingons would make this cooler, but overall it is a fun funny book.

The crew at Fanboys vs Zombies is having a contest for the fans. Sending in your nerdiest pick can get you written into an upcoming issue as a zombie.

Don’t eat the hot dogs!

Written by Sam Humphries
Drawn by Jerry Gaylord
SC, 32pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99

Have you heard the one about the time zombies took over Comic-Con? No one noticed until Sunday! The good news is you’re at Comic-Con. The bad news is you’re hungover, you can’t get over your ex-girlfriend, your best friend is a d-bag, and there’re roughly 165,000 slathering, slouching members of the undead family in between you and freedom. There is no more good news. Written by indie sensation Sam Humphries (OUR LOVE IS REAL) with art by hot new talent Jerry Gaylord!


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