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G.I. Joe: ARAH #178
Published on Monday, May 7, 2012 by

Coincidentally this is the same week that MCA(Beastie Boys founder) succumbed to cancer and G.I. Joe:ARAH hit the shelves.

Don’t step out of this house if that’s the clothes you’re gonna wear
I’ll kick you out of my home if you don’t cut that hair
Your mom busted in and said, “What’s that noise?”
Aw, mom you’re just jealous, it’s the Beastie Boys

You gotta fight

for your right

to par-ty

The Beastie Boys went from NJ to the world with the power of MTV. Well before Eminem asked what MTV would do, “Without Me?” the Beastie Boys were helping to define the quirk and whimsy of MTV programming. The band went on to continue turning out irregular albums for decades, even though to many they remained a nostalgia act.

Speaking of irregular hits and nostalgia acts, the recent issue of G.I. Joe: ARAH has left me wondering how long I’ll pick up this title for the nostalgia of continuing the original Marvel run.

This issue could have explored the mourning of a father confronted with his son’s killer. This issue could have explored the tension between Baroness and Snake Eyes. This issue could have truly compared the vulnerability of Cobra in Brocca Beach. Instead, it is basically a ninja-cyborg fight scene for the entire issue.  Swords and guns, this is an issue where everything other than the destruction seems like an after thought.


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