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Artemis In The New 52
Published on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 by

When the new 52 launched there was a notable lack of the Young Justice characters. Is DC now correcting that?

Young Justice is a fairly popular show, a centerpiece of the new DC Nation block on Cartoon Network. Artemis is a new character created for the show, the daughter of Sportsmaster and sister of Chesire, she fights on the good side. When the New 52 launched she was absent from any of the books.

Now it seems that DC is adding her to the universe. Or are they?

In last week’s Teen Titans Annual #1 a new character is introduced. She’s a tough as nails, blond haired, athletic human named Artemis. She’s a prisoner of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. along with Red Robin and the Teen Titans.

She has some lines in the story, and seems like she could be poised for a bigger splash. Could she come out of the “Culling” storyline as part of the Teen Titans?

Apparently not.

Usually when there’s a popular tv show, or movie, the publisher tries to take the new characters and fit them into the comic universe. The new Aqualad, based on the Young Justice character, was introduced in the Brightest Day event prior to the New 52. Marvel just added the movie-verse Nick Fury and Phil Coulson characters into the universe.

Now it appears that DC is doing the opposite.

In the original DCU, Artemis was the name of an Amazonian warrior, a peer to Wonder Woman that had even taken the name at one point. The Young Justice Artemis had no relation or resemblance to the Amazon. This could be another case like that, using the name for a dissimilar character.

But it seems odd to so when Young Justice is a popular show and having Artemis in the comics could serve to bring in some new readers from the fans of that show. Artemis could very well end up surviving the Culling, and all this would be moot, but right now it seems like DC gladly passed up what could have been an good opportunity.

3 Responses
    • I picked up the new Young Justice because I liked Artemis on the show. She is the hook that pulled me into the kid’s comic. If they’d throw her into Teen Titans, I’d think about picking that up. Like Coulson and Sam L. Fury, some characters could be gateways for new readers into comics.

      • Right.  Which is why it’s odd that DC would introduce her and kill her off.  She should have been part of the team from the beginning, used as a hook to get new readers.

        • Luckily no one stays dead in comics. Perhaps Robin will sneak her off to a Lazzarus Pit or some such. There is still hope. 

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