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D&D: Forgotten Realms #1
Published on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 by

IDW launches a new Dungeons & Dragons series taking place in the Forgotten Realms with the Realms creator at the helm.

Published by: IDW Publishing
Written by: Ed Greenwood
Penciled by: Len Ferguson
Inked by: Sal Buscema
Colored by: Len O'Grady & Dee Cunniffe
Lettered by: Shawn Lee
Cover by: A- Tyler Walpole; B- Steve Ellis
Editor: John Barber

I’ve always loved the Forgotten Realms. It’s been one of my favorite fantasy settings since it premiered. I liked most of Ed Greenwood’s novels in the Forgotten Realms. So I should have liked a Forgotten Realms comic written by the Forgotten Realms creator.

Should have. But didn’t.

Which is disappointing.

For a Forgotten Realms comic, it didn’t feel very Forgotten Realms. The city and the situation could have been anywhere. Beyond calling it Waterdeep, there wasn’t anything that screamed it was part of the Realms.

The pacing all over the place with gaps in the story here and there. Jumpy is the best word to describe it. In some spots the art and script seemed to work against each other, making it hard to follow and understand what was going on. Without someone mentioning that it looked like the noblewoman wanted to be kidnapped, you couldn’t tell by the art or the story.

The curse scene was interesting, but the art was lackluster and it didn’t have as much of an impact as it should have.

The art overall, well decent, just didn’t seem to fit the tone of the story. It lacked details and seemed to be “generic fantasy look” with the clothing and armor. The storytelling aspects weren’t very strong.

I’m assuming that the John Rogers Dungeons & Dragons was put on hiatus (hope it wasn’t canceled) to make room for this book. Which is too bad because the Rogers’ D&D book was excellent and this one isn’t.

D&D: Forgotten Realms #1 receives:
2.5 out of 5

4 Responses
    • What would make this feel more like the Realms to you and less generic fantasy? What did you want to see?

      • Good question.  Hard to answer.  Back in the day, with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons from DC even though it wasn’t in the title, you had no problem telling that it took place in the Forgotten Realms setting.  It was just little things, place mentions, gods/goddess mentions, etc.. 

        •  Little things do add up. Luckily, little things can add up over a few issues. So perhaps this will become more realms for you before it is forgotten on the shelf.

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