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Grifter #9
Published on Thursday, May 10, 2012 by

Rob Liefeld takes over as plotter for Grifter’s fight against the Daemonites..

Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Frank Tieri w/ Rob Liefeld
Penciled by: Scott Clark
Inked by: Dave Beaty
Colored by: Andrew Dalhouse
Lettered by: Wes Abbott
Cover by: Rob Liefeld w/ Andrew Dalhouse
Editor: Brian Smith

Rob Liefeld takes over as the plotter with this issue. He’s joined by Frank Tieri doing the scripting.

I just have to ask.. Why?

Nothing seems to change. The book has the same tone, same basic story. Nothing really changed. If anything, the new team have taken the book more out of continuity with the other appearances of the Daemonites in the New 52. The shiny blue ones were scouts? How does that reconcile with Voodoo? Grifter is the chosen one and there’s a human resistance?

Does there need to be a human resistance when it’s a planet of super humans?

I don’t see what impact this new team made on the book. They actually seemed to subtract from prior issues. Nathan Edmondson, the former writer, gave the series a more espionage type feel. This feels more super hero-y and doesn’t seem to mesh as well as it did before.

Unlike Joshua Williamson taking over Voodoo, which got rid of prior elements of the series completely, this feels like a continuation. Which is a good thing, except it’s not feeling any different. Why change writers if you’re not going for a different tone or direction? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that they’re continuing the previous storyline, but the much-hyped new plotter doesn’t add anything to the book that wasn’t already there.

The story itself feels forced. Like Grifter himself says, too much of a coincedance. It just doesn’t flow well or feel right. It’s forced and it doesn’t work.

I have hopes that Deathblow, a major player on the cover but a minor player in the actual issue, can help the book. I don’t think Chesire, or Nico, will as the character just doesn’t look good at all.

I’m not sure what Scott Clark did with his art but it’s got a softer look then it has ever had in the past. I’ve liked his work. It’s different. I still like it, but it’s lost some of the sharpness and angles that I considered his unique style.

Grifter #9 receives
3 out of 5

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