The GeeksverseIs Mainframe a Stalker?

Is Mainframe a Stalker?
Published on Saturday, May 12, 2012 by

IDW is bringing new life to Transformers, TMNT, and G.I. Joe. In each of these popular brands IDW is offering something a little familiar and something new too. In IDW’s G.I. Joe Hama has his Marvel run continuation. Then the other three on-going titles are building a new world that is familiar but different. Is Mainframe a stalker in that world?

Mainframe has been¬† a main character since the beginning of the IDW’s new Joe-verse.¬† He was marginalized by the team when he could see the cobra in the internet web. He went rogue. He teamed up with Snake Eyes and Scarlet. He came back as the lead analyst to save Joe–as much as anyone could given the overwhelming force of the evil empire. Now, he has been working closely with Scarlet and Snake Eyes. Now that Snake Eyes is presumed dead by Helix’s lie, Mainframe seems to want to get a little closer to Scarlet.

This new take on Mainframe seems extra creepy. In the most recent G.I. Joe we see Mains creeping around corners, running up behind, and sneaking onto missions to save Scarlet. He is presumably trying to save Scarlet from herself. Who will save her from him? How far will he take his obsession for red?

The new IDW Joe-verse changes the personalities behind the code names. Moles, traitors, and name changes have been as prevalent as Joes dying in this series.

The new Joe reality has Cobra winning. Cobra has established themselves as a power on the world stage and is outing the Joe team. Cobra has also crippled the Joe budget and manpower. Cobra is still winning as this title moves past Cobra Command. Some long time Joe fans are disgruntled by the world’s finest being crippled. Personally, I’ve always wanted Cobra to win so this is just fun. Hama’s run didn’t leave Cobra winning long enough for my taste so this is nice.

G.I. Joe #13 is a continuation of the on-going story. It is probably not a great jumping on point,but it is a strong continuation. The art is not by my favorite Joe artist but I’ve seen worse in this series. Chuck Dixon is becoming my favorite Joe writer because he is part of this bold new direction.

Chuck Dixon, Writer

Neil Uyetake, Letter

Romulo Fajardo, Jr, Colorist/Cover

Tommy Lee Edwards, Cover

William Rosado, Artist

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