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Aimon XB Elite Wireless Mouse Controller for Xbox 360
Published on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 by

(Just so we’re clear, the control mappings you see in the header is just an example of what you can do with a controller that gives you more customization options than just choosing between limited pre-made layouts.  It’s the control scheme I use when playing Halo 3: ODST with the “Bumper Jumper” layout.)

Whether you’re a PC gamer looking to play a game on a console, or you would simply rather not aim at things with the thumbsticks of a gamepad, you might want to invest in a specialized controller or a keyboard/mouse adapter.  While many of these third-party mouse controllers or adapters will cost you around (and in some cases, more than) $100 and/or make your living room a mess of USB cables, the Tuact Corporation’s Aimon XB Elite wireless controller for the Xbox 360 and PC won’t.

You can get it for under $70 shipped from ebay.  Watch the full review below to learn more about the Aimon XB Elite and to see it in action!

Only one custom settings profile (both in terms of remapped buttons as well settings such as sensitivity, dead zone, etc.) can be loaded to the Aimon XB Elite at once, so you’ll have to run back to your computer to load up another game’s settings if your playing session involves more than one game.  And be prepared to experiment with the setup utility as different games will require different settings.

You will need a wired 360 gamepad, a suitable surface (ie: a mouse pad), two AA batteries, and some experimenting to find the right settings for your gaming style and your various games’ settings, but if mouse aiming is how you play, it is beyond worth it.

The views expressed in this review are solely those of 1337W422102 and do not necessarily reflect those of The GeeksVerse, The ComixVerse, The ToyVerse, or the staff.  If you get offended, you are most likely taking things too seriously and/or didn’t get the joke.

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