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Axe Cop on Animation Domination
Published on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 by

FOX TV is launching a Saturday late-night block of animation early next year, and they have chosen their first partner wisely: Axe Cop!

Read all about the new “Animation Domination” here . . . and then you’ll be able to tell your friends, “Oh, Axe Cop! Yeah, I knew about it before it was on TV!” Then show them your Munchkin Axe Cop and enjoy their gasps of envy. If they don’t gasp, they might be bad guys, and you should chop their heads off just to make sure. Munchkin is a card game for role players that don’t want the mess of role playing as they hack and slash through light hearted collection runs. The light hearted game fits well with the less than serious Axe Cop!

Congratulations to Ethan and Malachai and everyone else at Axe Cop Headquarters!

The two young creators are joining the ranks of comic cross over success. Axe Cop started on line, became a Dark Horse comic, and now heads to TV.

While you’re waiting for the TV show, be sure to pick up the Steve Jackson Games Munchkin game. Nothing says Animation Domination party like theme card games.

While you’re picking up Dark Horse comics themed card games, don’t forget The Guild. Another web series turned comic turn game. Part of the Geek and Sundry line up, this series was recently transferred into the Munchkin card world. Munchkin is the classic card game of killing monsters and taking their stuff. The Guild is the hot Web series about a gaming group that puts the FUN in dysFUNctional. (Because otherwise it’d be “dysctional,” and that’s hard to say.)

Now they’ve come together in a glorious spew of AWESOME, with the new 15-card booster, Munchkin The Guild! Add Codex, Vork, Clara, Bladezz, Tink, and the mighty Zaboo to your adventures. You may meet some of their foes along the way . . .

Munchkin The Guild is designed by Steve Jackson and illustrated by Len “Geek a Week” Peralta.

Finseal pack containing 15 cards. Stock #4230, UPC 837654321539. $5.95.

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