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Dancer #1
Published on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 by

Nathan Edmondson (Who Is Jake Ellis) returns with another espionage thriller.

Published by: Image Comics
Written by: Nathan Edmondson
Art & Colors by: Nic Klein
Lettered by: Jeff Powell

This starts off in one direction and ends up somewhere else by the end and it’s hard to get a handle on just what it is.

Edmondson is quickly becoming a master of the spy comic. It’s a genre he’s obviously comfortable and he can approach it from new angles. Dancer is an example of that. The story starts off simply enough, focusing on a shooter named Alan Fisher. Then we meet his girlfriend, a dancer named Quinn, and we start to develop an idea of where this series is going. It seems like it’ll center around Quinn finding out what Alan does, as he’s compromised and is now being hunted.

But the last pages really throw a curveball into the works.

The story is solid. Edmondson writes a solid comic. It’s interesting and the two main characters are fleshed out enough for us to start to latch onto them. The one negative is that there’s no clear direction for what this series will be about. I’m also a little unsure about Quinn’s reactions to learning about Alan’s job. We hadn’t seen their relationship enough, so it’s hard to be convinced that she would that easily accept the revelation and not try to run.

With Quinn’s red hair, and dance background, I couldn’t help but start drawing parallels to the Black Widow and I have to wonder if that’s the direction this will end up going. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing because Edmondson has demonstrated that he can approach the espionage genre from new directions.

It’s the last pages. They got me very interested in seeing what is going on.

Klein’s art is very solid. He’s got the technical aspects down. The panels flow smoothly and are easy to follow. There’s no jumps in the flow, matching up well with the script. He does really well with the last page, having the two men in the same positions. It was a very well laid out page.

Dancer #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

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