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The Savage Dragon Mini Comic?
Published on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 by

I don’t remember the Playmates Savage Dragon action figures. It slipped through my notice at a time when I wasn’t reading or playing with the superhero world. Today in a dollar bin, I found a few irregular comics for my Savage Dragon collection.

As a young man I played with Super Powers DC Characters and Mattel’s He-Man which means that I am very familiar with in package mini comics. I’m also very familiar with Savage Dragon. In the past few years I have enjoyed reading Larson’s labor of love. I’ve read the entire regular series run and am happy that it has returned from the hiatus of Larsen being a VP.  I’ve read the mini-series. I’ve read cross over events with Superman, Megaton Man, Mars Attack, and other odd full size comic occurrences.

Today was the first time I spotted a Savage Dragon Mini Comic. Double the size of a Masters of the Universe Comic and just under half the size of a current Savage Dragon issue, this comic could be easily missed in a back issue bin.

This isn’t anything new, but it is new to me. These comics were originally packaged with the 1995Playmates The Savage Dragon and Jim Lee’s TMNT toylines. Story and art by Erik Larsen naturally.


Cruising the streets of Chicago in his experimental pursuit bike, Officer Dragon’s joyride is interrupted by a call from dispatch telling him to break up a freak-fight at 5th and Madison. The pursuit bike is a fun looking non-realistic design that would be fun in plastic as a toy which is not surprising from a Playmates/Image collaboration.

At 5th and Madison, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are doing battle with Officer Dragon’s buddies, Barbaric and the She-Dragon. Barbaric and She-Dragon mistakenly think they’ll make short work of the Turtles, but Don is quick to point out their folly, as their lifetime of ninja training coupled with their recent cyborg enhancements have made them a formidable force. To demonstrate Don’s point, Leo chops She-Dragon’s flowing blonde locks into a sassy mohawk. It is a nice non-cannonical explanation for multiple appearances of She-Dragon.

This is a fun issue the rekindles Savage Dragon’s run-in with the Ninja Turtles again. As an in-package comic this strives to work in as many action figure ready character designs as possible.

The Image Comics run of Ninja Turtles may be a dividing line among Turtle fans, but this is a fun no consequence comic.

Unfortunately, I picked up two of these comics. The first features Barbariac from Freak Force. The second shows Raphael and Dragon going fist to blade [see above]. The reason that this is unfortunate is because despite the different cover these are the same story. Luckily I’m a Freak Force fan and a Turtles fan as well. Oh well. These are just fun bit of Dragon paraphernalia for my collection.

If you ever have a chance to pick up one of these issues then you should. Completists should track down all 7 cover possibilities wrapping around the same comic.

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