The GeeksverseVenom #18 vs. The Savage Six

Venom #18 vs. The Savage Six
Published on Thursday, May 17, 2012 by

Flash “Secret Avenger Venom” Thompson is still fighting a modified Spider-Rogues Gallery as the Savage Six arc begins. Betty is in trouble.Crime Mater and Jack O’ Lantern know Venom’s alter ego and are taking this fight personally. In this issue Crime Master and Jack O’Lantern draw on their strangest looking team mate Mekatek to distract Venom from the real fight. Human Fly fans will be disappointed since he and other Savage members of the gang are not present in this issue. Eddie Brock fans will be pleased that the conflicted anti-hero has returned in  a new suit and out of control. Toxin and Brock make a deadly combination for Flash and the elder symbiote. Toxin is not as drugged as the toothless Venom in his Secret Avenger look.

Toxin has the over sized, unrestrained look that is similar to the unfettered Venom. The visual is similar to the Daniel Way version of Venom.  The Hulkish Blob-like shape of Venom makes an abrupt distinction between the versions of Venom. Toxin’s over sized amorphous shape is even more free form. It isn’t a look that I care for but overall the story is strong enough that I can over look it.

It is still curious that the Savage Six is only a five part arc. Given the name, it looks like a sixth part would round things out nicely.Inevitably shaping the arc for the trade paperback will probably be fine since Remender works well in five issue units.

This is a fight heavy book. Betty and Peter do have a heart to heart about living with Flash.Flash is connected to the people in his life. There is little mention of the Secret Avengers–but also a good reason why Flash can’t call them in to help.

The last page reveal is a shock for Betty but it seems inevitable for the reader. It is still well done.

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