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Healed #5
Published on Monday, May 21, 2012 by

This has been a unique series that deserves a wider audience.

Written by: George O'Connor
Illustrated by: S. Griffin
Cover Art: S. Griffin
Editor: Tracy O'Connor

I’m sad to see this title end. There was a lot of interesting places that O’Connor could have taken it, so many other avenues to explore but he does wrap it up nicely. In the end the message of this series is the last line of the book, just live. It’s been filled with stories of how people dealt with the discovery of no more disease or illness. Not all of them have been good, there have been some bad, but the end result is people just living.

And really, that’s what we should do in the event of something like this, we just go on living.

But O’Connor introduced some interesting elements, some things that deserve more thought. There were some interesting ideas about different types of disease. So I’m sad to see this end. I could have read and enjoyed so much more of this series.

I really liked the three story format, with the only continuing story being the middle chapter. It was a unique format and it worked perfectly for this series and what O’Connor was trying to accomplish.

The last three chapters were very good. The last was inspirational, in it’s way. The first was odd and felt out of place, somewhat. This was one that could have stood to be explored more.

Keep an eye out for O’Connor’s name. If Healed is any indication, he’s one to watch.

Healed #5 receives
5 out of 5

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