The GeeksverseUrsa Minor #1

Ursa Minor #1
Published on Monday, May 21, 2012 by

Big Dog Ink releases a new series centered around Were-Bears?

Published by: Big Dog Ink
Written by: Tom Hutchinson
Penciled by: Ian Synder
Inked by: Sonny Merbitt
Colored by: Luis Guerrero
Lettered by: HDE
Cover by: A- Ian Synder; B- Natali Sanders; C- E. Eric Basaldua w/ Nei Ruffino

The premise of this series is intriguing. The idea, of the mythical creatures like Vampires and Werewolves being out in plain view and living alongside humans, isn’t really anything new but it’s always interesting to see what directions it can go. The direction this series is going isn’t really established, and the players are just barely, but the world is giving alot of depth.

Almost too much.

Most of this book is taking up with explaining what the world is and how it got there. There’s a couple of logic jumps and some things that don’t make much sense, like how the US fell so fast, but overall the world being set up here is interesting enough to warrant reading some more.

Overall the script is decent. The exposition in the beginning is a bit much but the rest is good. There are some nice concepts set up in this issue, like a waitress wearing a cross on her jeans to discourage vampires from copping a feel. But that’s just what it is, alot of set-up. Naomi, a possible were-bear, is supposed to be the main character I’m assuming because the introduction of her is very hard to follow.

We’re shown a girl dressed in something of a bear costume that we can see change into a bear behind a curtain. We see that she’s normal and there is a real bear there, but then we hear comments about Naomi. The sequence is a bit rough to follow, which is a shame because that’s what sets up the next issue of the book.

Snyder’s art is very solid. The characters are a bit stiff in spots, looking awkward and uncomfortable, but he does good with the little details. The costumes and looks of the mythical creatures are very nice.

I’d like to see where this series goes. It’s not the strongest first issue, too much time is spent on set-up that the characters don’t get a proper introduction, but the concept is interesting enough to want to see where it goes.

Ursa Minor #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

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