The GeeksverseI already want another Nolan Batman movie

I already want another Nolan Batman movie
Published on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 by

Without seeing the upcoming Nolan Bat trilogy installment I have decided that I want a sequel.  It should be set 50 years in the future.
The Avengers movie has already crushed the yet-to-be-released Batman installment. Without the death of an actor the Nolan movie will not draw in my billions of dollars quickly or be an Oscar contender again. Although the movie should still out preform a Shumaker neon Batman movie. The darker Nolan film will delight some fans and offend others if history repeats itself. The film will also be well crafted in its own world.

A sequel is highly unlikely. Nolan signed a three movie deal initially, and then tried to get out of the third film. Nolan is also moving on to other films.

If Nolan wants to get the cast together for a fourth installment I’d probably go watch it.

The Nolan sequel that I WANT to watch would be set 50 years in the future as Bruce Wayne’s body breaks down and he can’t carry on under the mask. Bruce Timm and Adam Beechen should be consulted. In fact they could rough out the script based on previous work and bring Nolan in to give it the touches it needs to take the comic world onto a live action big screen experience.

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