The GeeksverseThe Massive #1 – Advanced Review

The Massive #1 – Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 by

Tackling Social/Environmental issues in a Post-Apocalyptic world?

Published by: Dark Horse Comics
Written by: Brian Wood
Art by: Kristian Donaldson
Colored by: Dave Stewart
Lettered by: Jared K. Fletcher
Cover by: A- Wood & Donaldson; B- Rafael Grampa & Dave Stewart
Assistant Editor: Jim Gibbons
Editor: Sierra Hahn

Be warned, there might be some minor spoilers ahead.

What does it mean to be an environmentalist after the world’s already ended? That’s the tag line of this series and it makes for a decidedly different book. There have been books about environmentalism before. There have been post-apocalyptic books before. But it should make for interesting reading combining the two.

At first glance it seems it wouldn’t work. What use does the world have for environmentalists when the environment has come completely chaotic? But that’s what makes it interesting, seeing how Wood brings it all together and really the idea of the book itself is a statement. Take care of the world before this happens.

Except Wood doesn’t force that message at us. It’s there, but as an undercurrent, which helps make the book. If the message was forced at us, it might turn people away. But watching it unfold in the pages of The Massive? It stares us in the face but doesn’t force us to look.

I liked the way that Wood described The Crash. In a series of documentary-like flashbacks, scattered throughout the book, we get an accounting of what happened to the world and how the Kapitol ended up where it’s at. It’s a good way to fill in the blanks and bring the reader up to speed on where the world stands.

The characters appear to be interesting except for Callum Israel himself, the leader of the Ninth Wave. For some reason he came across as weak to me, which I’m not sure is what Wood intended. The rest of the characters introduced I liked and they provide a counterpoint to Israel. I hope more of the crew is fleshed out beyond the three we’ve seen.

The extra pages at the end provided some nice background on Callum, as well as the situation they now find themselves in. There are some future stories laid out in Callum’s report.

The art by Donaldson was very nice. He did a nice job with what he had to work with. Wood’s script was solid but what Donaldson was called on to draw wasn’t the most exciting in the world, but he did a great job with it. I wonder how much research on boats he did because he seemed to nail the larger ships as well as the smaller zodiacs.

The Massive #1 receives
4.5 out of 5

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