The GeeksverseYoungblood #71

Youngblood #71
Published on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 by

Youngblood returns and does it stand up to the original?

Published by: Image Comics
Written by: John McLaughlin
Art by: Jon Malin w/ Rob Liefeld
Colored by: Ross Hughes & Matt Yackey
Lettered by: Rus Wooten
Cover by: A- Rob Liefeld w/ Matt Yackey; B- Ryan Ottley w/ Jordie Bellaire; C- Chris Giarrusso
Editor: Eric Stephenson

I’ve never seen it but I thought Black Swan was supposed to be good and well-written? And I thought McLaughlin wrote it? Did I hear wrong about Black Swan because Youngblood was horrible.

The dialogue was bad, so very bad. The story was almost as bad. Diehard, a cyborg/robot, stammers over the pronouncement that the foe is a clone? And because of that they can cut loose? Vogue is a sexholic. Shaft has no personality.

It’s just bad. Cringe worthy bad.

And the art? The art is even worse. There are expressions where there shouldn’t be any. It looks like Malin only knows how to draw one expression: shocked. There’s a panel where an arm is cut off. Did Malin do any research to see what it really looks like or read any of a thousand comics where it’s happened? Perspective is bad. Characters appearances change from panel to panel. He draws a guy that’s supposed to be leaning out the window as if he was falling out of it.

There are just so many badly drawn panels and the script is so bad it’s not even worth making fun of.

This is just a bad comic. I can’t believe it got published.

Youngblood #71 receives
1 out of 5 (and that’s being generous)

One Response
    • I didn’t pick this up but I was curious about the Youngblood relaunch. Stammering cyborgs doesn’t seem like a good idea .

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