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Cobra #13
Published on Thursday, May 24, 2012 by

An unlucky issue for Cobra?A splinter group of a covert team is heading deeper under cover. Flint is overseeing a motley group of operatives further off the books away from the main Joe group. This is not an under-cover group. Flint’s explanation harkens readers back to season one of the IDW run.

This exposition book seems to be setting up a new direction for the Joe team.

I like how publicly this team is hiding. Although some fans will probably dispute the wisdom of hiding in a casino, this does seem to be a neat rabbit hole. It also seems like a move that Cobra would make. It feels reminiscent of Springfield or Bocca Beach more than the Pit or Fort Carson.  A Cobra-like plan seems appropriate given the brains and funds behind this group are ex-Cobra.

This strike force could be interesting. Springy seems like he’ll die quick. He’s a nobody that has an indefinite look. I’m voting he’ll be Sgt. Dies-0n-the-Beach on the first mission out.

In other news, this issue also brings Ronin in. Just when Snake Eyes is off the team another martial arts characters is brought on board by Duke. This time Duke is bringing in  a female sword master that needs a cause and a purpose. She’s resistant but has few options. Luckily, a foe of a a foe is a friend. Duke is starting to build his own team and reshape the Joes in his own image.

Isn’t Duke supposed to live with the personnel he has and not add anyone new?

Ronin’s introduction keeps this book from being talking heads. Enough swords and blood are shed to keep the action fans happy.

Antonio Fuso is not my favorite G.I. Joe artist. Although I must admit that his page layouts are amazing in this book. Several pages look completely beautiful with oddly set frames to make the images pop.

Creative Team:
Mike Costa (w) • Antonio Fuso (a) • Fuso x 2 (c)

A NEW ERA BEGINS HERE! The critically-acclaimed COBRA series enters a new era! With the JOEs fragmented, somebody’s got to handle the dirty work. Who will it be? Find out here! When G.I. JOE goes underground, the world will never be the same!

Cobra #13 Cover A featuring FlintCobra #13 Cover B TomaxI am liking the white cover selection on the recent issues. White covers are great for convention season. I need to track down Costa, Fuso, or other Joe contributors to sign in that white space. It would pop.

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