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Spider-Men #1 (of 5) Wild Speculation
Published on Saturday, June 2, 2012 by

B.M. Bendis is writing a reality bending cross-over letting both current Spider-Men meet in the miniseries Spider-Men on June 13th.The musical is still foundering, the newest movie is hitting the theaters this summer on the heels of Avengers, so undoubtedly this is shaping up to be a big year for the favorite wall-crawler. To make this summer an even bigger Spider-month, Marvel is putting out the limited series Spider-Men, starting on June 13th.

Reportedly, Issue #1 is constructed from the point of view of Peter Parker, opening on a great monologue about his love of New York City and his life in general. Parker and Morales will meet but the first issue takes time to establish these characters rather than throw them together immediately. Bendis navigates the character just fine, lacing the issue with jokes aplenty while keeping the inner monologue light and never invasive. If this issue suffers from anything, it’s that the events that transpire here has all been revealed in the solicitations or preview art, leaving nothing for the reader to be surprised–luckily TheComixVerse has abstained from such previews to ruin that for you. If you’re concerned about spoilage, then avoid previews as you would spoilers in general.

IGN’s advanced review calls the “plot predictable and thin.” The site goes on to say, ” The ending cliffhanger is entirely expected, so there’s not much to get excited about within the issue itself, other than the potential it sets up for what’s to come in issue #2.” Since this is the opening part of a miniseries the expectation of a cliffhanger is not wild news, but the predictable plot does sound problematic.

CBR has also posted an advanced review which is overall positive yet notes the slow world building that must be done to draw together these two distinctly different Marvel universes.

ComicVine notes the good the bad and the nervousness that should play into a decent cross over series.

All of the sites praise Sara Pichelli’s art favoring her return to Spider-Drawing.

If DC Universe is overly crowded, which seems like a fair assessment, then it can be said that the Marvel universe is overly fractured.

Exiles allowed universes to be playgrounds

Exiles allowed universes to collide

Time Storm was a weak cross over.

Spider-Man is seemingly a key member in every Marvel Universe. Marvel Zombies vol 1, Marvel Apes, and other playful examples spring to mind.  The future bending Guardians of the Galaxy and Exiles also drew upon the web head image with distinctly different versions from Peter Parker. Marvel’s future series, 2099 started with Spider-Man and even brought in Peter Parker to interact with the new-guy of the future. So, a new Spider on Spider mini-series isn’t spectacularly new. Bringing together the Earth 616, main world, and Ultimate world may be a headline in its self, but if the story winds up being as non-cannonical as Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man then the new Spider-Men may wind up being absolutely forgettable too.

Madame Web drew various Spider-Men into a classic Animated episode that eventually even included Stan Lee taking a spin around the city on webs.

Despite the volume of cross-over-reality-bending stories that have involved Spider-Men over the years, the past only serves to point to hit and miss stories. The past does not provide comfort but instead more nervousness from the fandom.

Only time will tell how this mini-series will fit amongst the rest.

What is your prediction for how this series will stack up with other Spider-bending tales?

June 13th Spider on Spider action

Spidey meets Spidey was okay but not critical

Spidey meets Spidey was okay but not critical

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