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Venom: Dark Origins
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Venom is a character that rose in promineance as I was collecting comics in the middle school and high school cafeterias. The character is older than my formative years, but it is also one that I remember fondly with the long Todd McFarlane drawn tongue lolling out.

Marvel comics is celebrating Venom’s 24th year. It is an odd anniversary to highlight, perhaps in symbiote years it is more than a single lifetime and as impressive as the Queen’s diamond jubilee.

Venom has had multiple hosts in the past 24 years. The most notorious is Eddie Brock, but the most recent is Flash Thompson, who is the legless secret agent struggling to regain control despite the bonding.

Venom #19 pits Flash Thompson against the new Savage Six which includes a pissed off Eddie Brock in a new deadly suit. #19 still traps Betty Brant in the middle of Rick Remender’s story as drawn by Cullen Bunn of Wolverine fame. This comic is due out on June 20, 2012.

Venom (2011) obviously stars the Flash Thompson secret agent struggling to control the alien suit. That character combination is also shown in some of the more recent Secret Avengers comics, particularly #22+. The character first ran into Spider-Man, a natural coincidence, in Amazing Spider-Man’s Spider Island event.  Look particularly at #665-#669.

Before Flash wore the symbiotic suit, Eddie Brock made a deal with an interstellar devil. That story was retold in:

Venom: Dark Origins

Venom: Dark Origins is a 5 part miniseries that is currently available in trade paperback. While waiting for my next Secret Agent Venom fix, I’ve been re-reading the older stories to satiate my symbiote tastes. I skipped the series originally in 2008 but was able to snag a copy of the slim trade.

This series retells the story that nearly every fan knows of Eddie being chosen by the suit even though the black pseudo skin would rather rebond to Parker. The twist is that it tells the story from Eddie’s perspective and tries to fill in what Parker wouldn’t have known in the various other tellings of this story.

Writer: Zeb Wells
Penciller: Angel Medina
Inker:  Scott Hanna
Colorist: Avalon-Matt Milla
Letterer: Joe Carmagna
This story tells a story that nearly everyone knows. The art, layouts, and pacing try to keep that story fresh even if it cannot make it completely new. This character study into Brock depicts a duplicitous douche struggling to live up to an ignored potential.
As a 90s Venom reader I like the art better in this series than other recent incarnations. This Venom is more Olympic than hulking. The Daniel Way story grows into the blobbish creature hulking around. It is an image used when Secret Agent Venom loses control and reverts into the enraged. This series returns to the muscle builder and sinews complete with large tooth grin and lolling tongue. The brief appearances of Spider-Man look nice. The civilians are recognizable. It is a nicely executed story in Dark Origins.  

Vicious villain revealed

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