The GeeksverseExtermination #1 Review

Extermination #1 Review
Published on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 by

We lost and they won. Now its up to a hero and a villain to save us.

Published by: Boom! Studios
Written by: Simon Spurrier
Art by: Jeffrey Edwards
Colored by: Blond
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire
Cover by: A & H: John Cassaday w/ Laura Martin; B & G- Trevor Hairsine w/ Blond; C - Michael Gaydos; D & F- James Harren w/ Blond; E- Frazer Irving; I - Paul Azaceta w/ Matthew Wilson
Assistant Editor: Eric Harburn
Editor: Bryce Carlson

I really like the premise of this. An alien, or so it seems, race has taken over the world and it’s up to a hero and a villain to save them. The basic idea has been done before, in different forms. The story comes down to who ends up changing? Does the hero make the villain change or does the villain corrupt the hero?

For the most part, Spurrier does a great job of showing the differences between the two, Nox and Red Reaper. There’s some nice use of flashbacks to help define their prior relationship. Nox is basically Batman. He doesn’t kill, he’s a detective and he has no super powers. Red Reaper is a cross between Lex Luthor and the Joker. He’s crazy and he’s smart.

We don’t get much of what happened to get to this situation in the first issue. There are some crazy concepts with the aliens, but those are really just the backdrop. It’s the interaction between Nox and Red Reaper that is the driving force of this series. Spurrier sets up Nox’s internal conflict nicely, but it’s Red Reaper that steals the show. The character is great. The dialogue that comes out of Red’s mouth is funny and insane. You know this guy is insane, Joker level insane, but there’s a genius to him. Spurrier writes it perfectly.

Nox on the other hand isn’t as strong. He’s a basic caricature. There’s a bit of campiness to the series, and Nox has most of it. He’s too good, too pure. And that makes the ending, how quickly he’s driven to the edge, end up being a bit hollow. The series was going good until the end. It happened too fast, too soon, and too easily. And that one panel right after the shooting? Just seems forced. Too quick of a transformation.

The question that always gets asked when a hero/villain team up, which is the basis behind this series, got answered in the first issue. Somewhat disappointing. I’ll be interested in seeing where this goes, but from here on out will be a let down.

The art by Edwards is decent enough. He’s got some really nice imagery in some panels and some out of proportion/perspective in others. With time he’ll hopefully lean towards the nicer stuff and work out the issues.

There’s potential with this series. It was good for most of it, and the ending was a bit disappointing, but I’ll give the second issue a try to see where Spurrier goes with it.

Extermination #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

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