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Walking Dead, Revival
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Despite my last announcement, and this one, I’m not a huge zombie fan. I like the offbeat Rex, Zombie Killer because it isn’t just a rehash of George Romero’s tropes.  The last news item, about IDW’s historic zombie title, seems note worthy because it should also be non-Romero-esque since it is publishing material created before Romero took black and white film making to Monroeville, PA.When I do want Romero style stories, I turn to Robert Kirkman’s long running story. Kirkman’s Walking Dead has been criticized for being too similar to Romero which I have always felt an unfair complaint given that the author has openly admitted to trying to create a Romero styled world that would not end in 2 hours.

Kirkman’s Walking Dead, Astounding Wolfman, and Invincible have all been criticized for starting too slowly and moving too slowly. When compared to E. Larsen’s Savage Dragon or other quick moving story tellers that seems to be true, however, Kirkman is again trying to carve out  a different niche. His character driven work may not feature fight scene after fight scene but the worlds he creates are far from serene.

Despite the complaints, Kirkman has crafted a long running zombie story. Despite the slow turn around on the first several issues drawn by Tony Moore this comic drew its own fan base. After Moore was replaced with two artists the title became an one time creator-owned comic. Ultimately the comic found its way to AMC as a television show that takes liberties with the story line but creates a very similar world.

Launching a new post-apocalyptic title as a preview within The Walking Dead seems to be targeting the right audience.

Given that one of the creators on Revival is Tim Seeley the creator-owner of Hack/Slash which is still newly landed at Image Comics it would also seem sensical to preview Revival in the pages of the slasher smasher title. Steve Seeley’s Hoax Hunter ran recently as a sample in the back of Hack/Slash.

Revival in Walking Dead

Preview of new series to run in issue #99 of The Walking Dead hitting the stands this year during the 20th anniversary of Image Comics.

The upcoming Image Comics series REVIVAL has a much different take on the undead from that in THE WALKING DEAD, but their two worlds will exist under one cover as a preview of REVIVAL #1 will appear in the next issue of Robert Kirkman’s bestselling phenomenon.

A three-page preview will be published in THE WALKING DEAD #99, following up on the five-page teaser from Image’s Free Comic Book Day giveaway to give readers an extended look at the debut issue of Tim Seeley and Mike Norton’s “rural noir” series. Set in rural Wisconsin, REVIVAL looks at what unfolds in a small town after one day when its dead return to life.

Unlike the cannibalistic, shambling undead of THE WALKING DEAD, however, the dead in REVIVAL look and act much as they did when they were alive. But as Officer Dana Cypress discovers, they aren’t completely who they used to be.

REVIVAL will debut on July 11, 2012 with covers by Jenny Frison and Craig Thompson. A monthly, full-color comic book, each issue will be $2.99 and available same-day on digital platforms.



Also on sale this week from Image is Walking Dead trade #16: A Larger World and  Hack/Slash issue #16. While these are only a few of the titles offered by Image Comics this week these are the titles similar to Walking Dead #99 and Revival that will be coming to a local comic shop near you soon!

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