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Circle of Four Hard Back Collection
Published on Thursday, June 7, 2012 by


Venom’s re-do of the new Fantastic Four with Red Hulk, Venom, X-23, and female Ghost Rider was an oddly numbered cross over event. It is now available in hard back. I’ve already expressed my thoughts on these issues individually:

As a collection, this reprints those floppy comics. This also includes the Remender script, a cover gallery, some design sketches, and other goodies. This hard back collection has better special features than the first Venom collecting #1-5 of this series [see below].

Amazon has the released date on this publication listed as June 11, but my local comic book shop had it on the shelf already. The paper back version is due out in October.

Venom’s next Secret Agent adventure—Sinister Six–will also receive the trade treatment. Given the current comic culture where the floppies seem to be advertisements for the more successful and easier to loan-to-friends trades these second and third trade installments of this series is not surprising. More surprising is that this series skipped collecting issues 6-11. Some of that is collected in the Spider Island trades–Venom #6 and 7 attack Spider Island. Completists may be annoyed by that skip.

The Circle of Four was a fun cross-over event that didn’t drag on. It was fun and done. If you don’t have the story then this paperback or hardback may be what you’ve been waiting to buy. If you’re a huge fan of the Secret Agent Venom version of the character, then the extra features on the hard back trade is doubly nice.

The New New Fantastic Four


The first trade, Venom vol. 1, collects the first five issues with cover gallery in hard back. That is handy since the floppies have been reprinted and still hard to find demanding high back issue prices at the moment.Here is our thoughts on the first three issues:

the first issue cover is used for the trades

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