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Harbinger #1
Published on Monday, June 11, 2012 by

Harbinger returns to the new Valiant universe.

Published by: Valiant
Written by: Joshua Dysart
Art by: Khair Evans
Colored by: Ian Hannin
Lettered by: Rob Steen
Cover by: A- Arturo Lozzi; B- Mico Suayan; C- Doug Braithwaite w/ Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic
Assistant Editor: Josh Johns
Associate Editor: Jody LeHeup
Executive Editor: Warren Simons

I like what Dysart does with the script. Giving so many thoughts really shows what life is like for Peter and his abilities. Alot of the time, we’ll get a small amount of random thoughts, but Dysart really goes all out here. The amount of thought put into it, since they are all original and unique, is staggering. Good job.

The story is pretty straight forward, on the run and finally being tracked down. Dysart shows that he pays attention to details though, showing how Tull was able to track them down. The character of Joe is interesting, I like the laissez-faire attitude he shows. I wonder if he does have powers or not. I also like that Dysart doesn’t shy away from showing Peter’s bad side, having him steal and force someone to love him.

Well the story is straight forward, Dysart’s script is excellent. From Joe to Harada, the dialogue is solid and the attention to detail is shown again in a couple of spots. Very well done.

The thing that brings this down is the art. Evans art is messy. All his characters have odd faces, strangely out or proportion or just chubby. Expressions are hard to pin down, it’s hard to follow what the characters are thinking.

He doesn’t draw hoods around faces well at all. Harada looks like a girl in the opening pages and Peter just looks odd with his hood up.

Messy is the only way I can describe it. Which is a shame because the story and script is solid but the art brings it down.

Harbinger #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

Better art would have brought this to a 4 or 5 easily.

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