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Amazing Spider-Man #6 & DVD Wal-Mart Sneak Peek
Published on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 by

Like I need another reason to be excited about another Marvel movie this summer.On the heels of Avengers setting box office records, the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie is starting to push merchandise that may overshadow the final Nolan Bat-installment. Tonight at Wal-Mart I spied the toy aisle of Spider-Man toys which included dress up sets, action figures, and a Spider-Man that would transform into a jet.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was on the new DVD and Blu Ray release end cap. For $19.99 you can pick up the new Ghost Rider movie and its predecessor at the same time. $17.99 will buy the DVD buy itself so the extra two bucks is a good deal if you don’t already have the Nick Cage Marvel movie.

Another Spider-related item on the new release end cap is the comic book + sneak peek bonus DVD for $2.96. It is an even $3.00 on their website currently.  Like I need another reason to become excited about this movie.The comic is a DVD case size reprint of Amazing Spider-Man #6 which features the original professor turned Lizard. It also includes a bonus gallery of Lizard related pin up images. The back cover features the entire Savage Six and most of the spider rogues gallery including Mary Jane and Black Cat. It is an interesting image to select for the back page of this promo piece.

Initially I’d been hesitant about a reboot, but its been 5 years and I’m coming around. The trailers and footage is helping get me excited. This DVD is another fun look at the movie on the home tv.

More importantly, this is a nice starting point for new fans. Since we–here at the site— keep returning to the idea of the new reader and how will comics attract money from the successful movies, this is an interesting attempt to accomplish that.  Some of the Sam Raimi Spider-Men movies were packaged with pack-in comics, but this is a novel way to drum up publicity with a comic. Steve Ditko and Stan Lee created a nice Lizard tale.

For the more pressing question, will this be filed under with my DVD collection or in my comic book collection now?

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