The GeeksverseCobra #14 Preview & G.I. Joe #14 Review

Cobra #14 Preview & G.I. Joe #14 Review
Published on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 by

I am a G.I. Joe fan and in general have been binging on spy stories, military stories, and strike team comics for a while now. I’ve pointedly reviewed nearly every Joe title I have had time to do in the past few years. Occasionally I’ve been tied up and unable to do a review. Last week I decided not to review the Joe:ARAH end of the blue cyborg ninja story based on the rule of “can’t say much nice so shut my pie whole.” In other related news, I am excited about Cobra #14 tomorrow.

Before looking at the upcoming #14, I did want to pause and say something about Cobra #13 which sets up the new direction of this team and the new subgroup of the Joes. G.I. Joe #14, last week’s stronger Joe title, follows the main Joe story and Scarlet’s team as they begin to dig their way out of trouble.

Review G.I. Joe #14

Deep Terror, part 2!’ Under-staffed, under water, and under the gun! The new stripped-down Joe team battles a very public Cobra as Dr. Mindbender drills on the ocean floor-but what’s he looking for? And how will Scarlett and her team escape?

The last issue took Scarlet and her team under ground. Scarlet began to break out while the rest of the team headed further into the mines. Main Frame has revealed that he is stowed away on this mission and is trying to call in reinforcements. This issue showcased Joes being the best at what they do meanwhile Cobra still seems to be winning. This was a fun issue overall that pushed the action and story ahead.

Cobra #14
G.I. JOE UNDERGROUND! Armed with secret knowledge of Cobra’s inner workings, a rag-tag force of ex-villains and damaged heroes takes the fight to the darkest corners of the world, under the vigilant eye of Flint!

Wild Thoughts: Flint’s small group of Joe operatives and ex-Cobra informants are far from living underground. Staying in a Vegas hotel-casino is more posh than being in a former WWII era base barracks. This group should also prove to be better funded. Siphoning money from Tomax’s holdings I expect this is where the new tech and gadgets will be featured. I also like having the Cobra title taken over by a strike team of ex-Cobra informants that are trying to do two agendas at once. I’m still undecided about Ronin but the rest of this cast is growing on me.

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