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X-Men #30
Published on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 by

Brian Wood takes over X-Men and what changes does he bring?

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Brian Wood
Penciled by: David Lopez
Art by: Alvaro Lopez
Colored by: Rachelle Rosenberg
Lettered by: VC's Joe Caramagna
Cover by: Jorge Molina
Assistant Editor: Jordan D. White
Associate Editor: Daniel Ketchum
Executive Editor: Jeanine Schaefer

Usually when a new creative team comes onto a book they make alot of changes to the roster, bringing in their personal favorites and getting rid of members they don’t like. Especially if it’s a high profile creative change like this one. Chances are that Brian Wood would have been pretty much given carte blanche to do what he wanted with the title.

So I was pleasantly surprised that he kept the cast established by Gischler pretty much intact, only Warpath being missing. That’s great, it happens so rarely that it’s nice to see.

But the odd part of this is that it ends up feeling so disconnected from the rest of the X-Universe. The book truly stands on it’s own outside the X-books. It’s independent. Which isn’t a bad thing, but the concepts that Wood introduces in this story make it feel like it’s not even part of the same family of books.

Now I do like what Wood is setting up. I like the mobile headquarters and I like the human support group. But isn’t that something that should have come out of the main X-Men book and not one of the supporting books? I’m eager to see where it goes though. Wood has a good handle on most of the cast. His Colossus seems off, it’s not like the big guy to give mission briefings or anything of the like.

Overall the story is strong, interesting and I like that Wood keeps the same characters and doesn’t do any cast shuffling, keeping the “security team” concept and expanding on it. I just wish it felt more connected to the rest of the X-Universe.

I’ve been a fan of the Lopez’s work since Hawkeye & Mockingbird. This is their strongest work to date. Excellent all around except for Pixie’s headband. It’s too thick and ends up looking like a bandana in many panels. Which is it? Headband or bandana? Overall very solid.

X-Men #30 receives
4 out of 5

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