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Grifter #10
Published on Thursday, June 14, 2012 by

Liefeld’s first issue of Grifter was more of the same. His second issue is a departure. Can we have the same back?

Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Frank Tieri w/ Rob Liefeld
Penciled by: Scott Clark
Inked by: Dave Beaty
Colored by: Andrew Dalhouse
Lettered by: Wes Abbott
Cover by: Rob Liefeld w/ Andrew Dalhouse
Editor: Brian Smith

The major knock on Rob Liefeld’s first issue as plotter of Grifter was that it felt like the same thing we had had for 8 issues. The story beats, the tone, all of it was the same. And if that was the case, why bother switching creative teams?

I still have to ask, why bother switching creative teams after this issue, which was a departure from the previous 9. It wasn’t a good departure and the book took a drastic turn down in quality. So why switch creative teams and why would any editor let this book out the door?

It starts off with more of the same, as Grifter and his new allies, Niko and Deathblow (and what a wasted appearance/use this is for Deathblow, almost as bad as Zealot’s in Deathstroke), are uhm… well it’s never really defined what they are up to. They are trying to escape the Daemonites, that much is known, but how and where? They’re in a truck and that’s it. What makes it even more confusing is that after the truck gets blown up, they end up back where they began (at least it looks that way) and grab some motorcycles.

Just a quick point, they’re in a snow landscape, racing motorcycles are not a good means of transportation where they are at. No roads and lots of snow. Why are earth would anyone use a racing motorcycle? These should have been snowmobiles, which begs the question why they didn’t use those in the first place?

We’ve found out that Grifter is some kind of “chosen one”, meant to stop the Daemonite invasion. Why can’t he hear their thoughts anymore? During a firefight Niko tells Grifter to step up and he does. In a big way.

And that is what is wrong with this issue.

Where did these powers come from? Why wasn’t there any indication he could do anything like this? Why wasn’t there a “feeling out” period as he tested what he can do? All of a sudden he has major telekinetic abilities?


Besides the plot, basically everything about this issue was bad. The dialogue was clunky and horrible. The story was just bad. Wasted use of Deathblow. Niko is a horrible design, the paint around the eyes has to go. And Clark’s art was a hurried mess in most of the book. The scenes where Grifter uses his new powers, which he doesn’t even question later, was hard to follow.

Just bad. Very bad.

Grifter #10 receives
1 out of 5

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