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Marvel’s Thor movie is out on DVD and Blu-Ray and was an overall success for director K. Branagh. Since Marvel’s specific character is based on Norse Mythology that isn’t the only Thor movie. How many have you seen?Granted, Marvel’s The Mighty Thor may not have been the box office success of Avengers, but it is a building block toward the success of the team film. Recasting the gods as misinterpreted aliens is a common change that works even if it does upset some Thor purists that don’t like clones, aliens, LMDs, and other non-mythological characters. That was not Marvel’s first attempt to stage Thor. He has appeared on the small screen in an Incredible Hulk made for TV movie as the Norse god inhabiting the body of a doctor in a mystical parallel to the science based Hulk.

Outside of those Marvel Thors, how many other film incarnations can you name?

Having already covered Asylum’s mock-busters I knew about The Almighty Thor (2011). The title has a nice play on Marvel adjectives. Similar titles are important in Asylum mock-busters that use the marketing of larger budget films to entice audiences, particularly audiences that are shopping in rental stores. The Almighty Thor stars Kevin Nash the former wrestler and other cast members of less note such as Cody Deal.

The 90 minute film is based on the figures of Norse myth, this epic fantasy saga finds heroic thunder god Thor battling to save Earth and Asgard from the machinations of the mischievous Loki, who has stolen the Hammer of Invincibility from its resting place in Valhalla.

Almighty Thor This is an interesting low budget take on the classic legend reborn. It certainly doesn’t have the polish of the larger budget film but it can be a fun afternoon. Since none of the films in this post will be Oscar contenders I won’t pass judgement on their merits but instead just advertise their existence.

Not coincidentally also in 2011 was Thunderstorm: Return of Thor.

A group of religious zealots known as The Death Risers have an evil plot to destroy the world by bringing to Earth the Norse God they worship: The Goddess of the Undead, known as Hel!  In Asgard, however, Thor the Norse God of Thunder has gotten wind of the evil scheme and forms a plan of his own to stop it. Thor bequeaths a portion of his lightning-wielding powers to his Earthbound descendant, a military scientist named Grant Farrel.  Now known as Thunderstorm, Grant puts his powers to use in the name of justice! But is it too late to stop Hel and her acolytes from raising the Midgard Dragon and ruling the Earth…?

This film does certainly name drop enough Norse gods to be playful if nothing else.

Thunderstorm: Return of Thor

2011 was a big year for Thor mythology based films. Before 2011, 2008 saw the DVD release of A Viking Saga: Son of Thor. Drama set in the Viking age; Helgi witnesses the death of his parents and the destruction of his village. Fortunately, he was able to escape and travel to his uncle Rurik who takes him in and raises him like his own son. Many years later he meets the people responsible for his parent’s death and someone he never expected to see again.

This film makes the list by merit of using Thor loosely in the title. In this case the title is a disambiguation from The Viking Sagas (1996).  Advertising for this film tries to make it sound educational but only as a marketing ploy to move the period drama.  Can’t over value vengeance in a Viking story based loosely around the mythology of Thor or otherwise.

A Viking Saga: Son of Thor

Straying back to the warrior god, Thor the Conqueror(1983) is an Italian action movie that is more Robert E. Howard’s Conan than Norse Thor.

Thor the Conqueror

I suppose the musician Thor’s musical carreer’s brief twist into Rock ‘n Roll Nightmare and the poorer B-movie sequel are about as forgotten as Thor’s musical career. Buff concept hair bands on power chords have not fared well. The Canadian metalist never quite became Alice Cooper legendary.

Chris Hensworth is still my 3rd favorite movie Thor. Second is the football player that couldn’t act in the Incredible Hulk TV movie. While it wasn’t a stirring performance it was one I remember fondly from my childhood. My favorite version of Thor is still Adventures in Babysitting (1987) that is nice to the little girl and fixes the car. Again from my childhood.  Although as far as portrayal and general geekdom go most fans would pick Hensworth as their favorite god-like Avenger.

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