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Walking Dead #99-Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 by

Nearing the 100th issue Walking Dead #99 is another consistent issue of the long running Romero style comic world.I’ve stopped reviewing every issue of this comic month by month because this is a consistent book. Each issue builds on the world without really explaining it. Instead the comic develops the sociological development of building and crippling bands of survivors. Fans that love this long running title are devoted to the character driven focus. Detractors think that the book is either slow with nothing happening or killing off characters before their development makes it emotional. This book is far from being universally loved, but it is consistent providing fans with a title to look forward to and detractors with a book that they can skip.

Walking Dead #99 is showing the stress of the zombie inflicted world tearing apart members of the band of survivors that have been together for a long time now. Glen–who has been around since the earliest issues–is questioning which path to take and why. Again, like countless Walking Dead issues before the most terrifying aspect of this world is the survivors more so than the roaming dead. The horde of flesh eaters move with simple purpose of feeding. The survivors are less predictable.

This issue is probably not a good starting point for new readers. The characters involved have been through a lot together including shifting relationships, shifting parents, and the events of the previous story arc which all needs to be understood with the new pages before the reader.  Long time readers that have fallen behind could potentially draw back in readers that have fallen behind. Catching up should be important for anyone that wants to pick up the land mark 100th issue in July.

The unthinkable happens, as we all gear up for next month’s monumental issue 100! On sale this week!

Walking Dead #100 is slated to hit stands on July 11, 2012 with multiple covers celebrating the monumental event.

The Walking Dead Vol. 16: A Larger World TP

The Walking Dead Vol. 16: A Larger World,Story by:Robert Kirkman art by:Charlie Adlard &Cliff Rathburn, tells the story of Rick discovering that there are communities of survivors nearby and trying to explore the larger world again. Bands of jealous survivors do not always integrate well with each other. This trade collects issues #91-96 of the now long running series. Despite the arcs being written to tailored to trade paperback units this may not be the best starting point since it is dealing with such long running characters.
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