The GeeksverseI cheated on my comic shop tonight…

I cheated on my comic shop tonight…
Published on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 by

I know the signs.

1There was a time I wasn’t loyal to any comic shop

Undoubtedly, past cheating behavior is the most reliable predictor for future cheating behavior. My home town had two comic shops and I floated between them both irregularly. They each had their strengths and I had limited transportation to either. Now I have five comic shops to chose from since I have my own reliable transportation. MY comic shop is the one I visit weekly and they keep my pull bag subscription. They know me. I attend their events in addition to my weekly visit…but I do drive past another comic shop on the way to MY comic shop, so some nights the extra mileage is hard to justify.

2Am I a narcissist?

It is hard to think I’m a narcissist. It is hard to think that I am not when I am writting my thoughts into a comic blog as if I think the rest of the world cares.


5Did I learn it at home?

If one or both of his parents were routinely unfaithful, then he is more likely to be inclined to cheat may be true in my case since my family was not store faithful. We had a few restaurants we frequented by every other store was dictated by convenience or sale price.

his self-esteem through an affair.

7He is spending less time with you?

I skipped  a week at my local comic shop. I didn’t “miss” a week because to me that denotes that something came up that was out of my control. I skipped a week which to me has to do with me making a choice. My wife, daughter and I stopped for dinner in the same strip as another comic shop. We were heading toward our regular comic shop tonight but the convenience won out.  While waiting for our dinner to come I slipped out and walked to the closer comic shop bought most of my comics for the week and made it back to the table before my burger.


Four of the ten cheater criteria seem to loosely apply to my situation.

I write this in part in jest. Truthfully, the comic shop I attended tonight is not my regular but it is #4 on my list of comic shops. #1 is my regular. #2 is a shop with a decent dollar bin but a great toy selection that I visit once a month. #3 is a shop that I hate because the staff is rude but retains its monthly visit because of the $0.50 bins. The #4 shop is not even on my monthly rotation but it is a great shop that caters to a youth audience. I have a membership card for their discount program and make it into the store a few times a year. The rest of the shops are only on my list for emergency pulling if I miss a book.

I’m probably not the only comic book geek that has a ranking of visitable shops.

I’m probably not the only comic book geek that has a preferred shop. In fact, many of my geeky friends are loyal to their shop of choice.

The internet is wonderful, but having a local comic book shop to frequent is an important part of my personal fandom. Even if I do occasionally stray from my regular shop.

3 Responses
    • I have one shop that I’m loyal to.  That’s where my pull list is located.  They’re small, very small, and don’t get in all the books that come out.  So that’s where my 2nd shop comes into play.

      My 2nd shop used to be Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, NH.  But that was when I lived in Concord.  Now I go to Jet Pack Comics in Rochester, NH, which is closer to my home (but out of the way) now.  I go about once a month to pick up what my regular store didn’t get in.

      I feel bad asking my regular store to get something in that I might be the only one buying it.

    • My relationship with my LCS is what you could probably describe as “casual.” I visit maybe once every couple of months to check out new trade paperbacks and hardcover collections. I know the manager probably wants me to settle down with a regular pull list, but I’m a huge commitment-phobe.

    • My shop is #2 on your list and I work at my shop. That does not stop me from visiting other shops. In fact it is a must do when I hit the road. I will always buy my books at the #1 shop but I have a vast need of back issues. 


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